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Plastic Chain for use in Horizontal Revolving Conveyors

Tsubakimoto Chain (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan. President: Isamu Osa) has announced the release of the new Tsubaki crescent-shaped plastic top chain, a top chain with plastic plates that is designed for use in horizontal revolving conveyor systems.


Most chains and belts used in conveyance applications have a "carrier side" where the conveyed items sit and a "return side" where each plate is turned upside down and returned to its original position at the start of the carrier side. Tsubaki's new crescent-shaped plastic chain does not have a return side as the upper face of every plate can always be used as a load-bearing surface, allowing the chain to be used as a horizontal revolving conveyor. While Tsubaki has previously developed and sold crescent-shaped plastic chains for use in conveyor belt sushi restaurants, the company plans to utilize the design of its new product to promote its use in part transport and other horizontal revolving conveyor applications.


  1. Entire surface of plate used for conveyance
    Most chains and belts are wound around vertically orientated sprockets or pulleys and have a carrier side and a return side. In contrast, the new crescent-shaped plastic chain winds around horizontally orientated sprockets, a design which allows the entire upper surface of each plate to be used for conveying materials. This design makes it possible to supply and eject parts at the same time using a single conveyor.
  2. Low conveyor height
    The lack of a "return side" means that conveyor height can be minimized. This makes it perfect for use in machine interiors where space is at a premium or in situations where other machinery, pipes, or equipment located under the conveyor impose physical limitations on system dimensions.
  3. Reduces damage to conveyed items
    Plate surfaces are made from plastic. This reduces friction scratches and other damage caused when conveyed items accumulate on the conveyor.
  4. Safe operation
    The crescent-shaped plate design ensures a uniform gap between each plate during operation. With most top chains, the width of the gap between plates increases on curved sections and decreases on straight sections. This variation raises the risk of products becoming jammed between plates and also increases the risk of the operators' fingers being jammed when the gap narrows. The uniform gap width of the crescent-shaped design reduces the risk of such issues occurring and ensures safe operation.


  • Supplying and ejecting automotive parts, etc., to and from processes
  • Conveying items within machinery
  • Conveying products that require special jigs, such as food packaged in tubes (e.g. mayonnaise)
  • Supplying and stocking parts to machine tools

Product Lineup

R Roller type (TORP) and Bush type (TOSP)


Available on request.     (Reference: TORP ¥16,800 yen/m)

Turnaround Time

Made-to-order product

Release Date

January 15, 2010

Sales Forecast

First year (FY 2010)  ¥6,000,000 yen/year

Three year's time (FY 2013)  ¥12,000,000 yen/year