Environmental Approach

As a member of the community, the Tsubaki Group not only creates employment and economic benefits, but is also engaged in steady efforts to build relationships of trust such as social and environmental contribution initiatives and other activities suited to the actual circumstances of the community.

Basic policy

Our ”Code of Ethics” is a collection of guidelines that all Tsubaki Group employees must follow in addition to complying with the laws and rules of each country in our business operations. These guidelines are designed to ensure each employee's actions reinforce and improve the Tsubaki brand. With these guidelines in mind, we strive to maintain and develop good partnerships with local communities by carrying out a wide range of initiatives including factory visits and work experience programs for children in Japan and a variety of charities and volunteer activities overseas.

Initiatives at plants in Japan

Initiatives in Japan

The Tsubaki Group does not limit itself simply to complying with laws and social rules. Rather, we go a step further, working to build strong partnerships with local communities. Tertiary industries account for more than 70% of Japan’s working population. In recognition of this fact, we are promoting understanding of the manufacturing industry by providing factory tours as well as work experience programs for elementary and junior high school students. In addition, we are forging bonds by acting as a member of local communities, opening factory grounds for local residents during seasonal events and otherwise reaching out to the community.

Conducting Summer Vacation Child and Parent Factory Tours

As a plant that is open to the local community, the Kyotanabe Plant conducts many different activities aimed at heightening local residents’ interest in the Tsubaki Group. These activities include our annual summer vacation factory tours for local elementary school students and their parents. The plant held factory tours for the ninth time in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017. During two days, 100 elementary school students and their parents took part in the factory tours.
Experienced with all five senses, the factory tour includes chain assembly competitions, and participants have lunch at the factory canteen.

Opening of the Saitama Plant’s Tsubaki Chain Entertainment Facility for a Walking Event

Centered on the city of Hanno, the Hanno Shinryoku Two-Day March walking event is held every May. In 2017, the route passed by the Group’s Saitama Plant. In response, we made available our entertainment facilities, which include benches for resting and other amenities. At the entertainment facilities, the plant’s personnel and volunteers from a junior high school provided hospitality with a smile as they offered participants beverages and original candy. Many of the participants expressed their gratitude.
We are considering helping with the above event next year, and we intend to continue working in partnership with and making further contributions to the local community.

Initiatives at plants overseas

Taking Part in Disaster Relief and Charity Activities in the United States

In December 2016, forest fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, significantly damaged the surrounding area, forcing local residents to live in shelters. Our locally based subsidiary, USTA, collected from its personnel funds and goods that the disaster victims needed and delivered the goods and funds to the disaster area.
Also, continuing from last year, the subsidiary’s employees donated to organizations that support patients with cancer or heart disease. In addition, USTA donates school supplies to local children as well as clothing to people who need support. Through such efforts we intend to continue contributing proactively to the development of the local community.

Contributing to Society in the Netherlands through a Marathon

Fifteen employees of TEU ran for charity in the 37th NN Marathon Rotterdam, the largest sports event in the Netherlands, and gave the donations they received to a local hospice. Further, other employees supported the event’s organizers by volunteering to help supply runners with food and drink.

Supporting a Royal Project in Thailand

In Thailand, the royal family propose and advance a variety of development projects aimed at enriching the lives of the nation’s people. TAT participates in one such project, which is tasked with preserving ecosystems. The subsidiary’s employees participate in a range of activities, including advancing efforts to use water resources effectively, creating bio-fertilizer to improve soil, and planting trees to prevent soil erosion. Further, we contribute to Thailand’s sustainable development by providing donations to support ecosystem preservation efforts.


Opening a Famous Cherry Blossom Viewing Site to the Public the Kyotanabe Plant’s One Thousand Cherry Blossom Trees

In early April, we open the grounds of the Kyotanabe Plant to the public so that the local community can enjoy viewing our cherry blossoms. At the fifth such event in 2017, we held an exhibition and displayed demo equipment related to our four business segments at the plant’s entrance, which we have renewed to commemorate our 100th anniversary. All visitors were able to view the exhibition and equipment, both of which proved popular.
Thanks to good weather and the cooperation of the city of Kyotanabe, roughly 600 visitors came to the plant and had a relaxing time in the main viewing area, a small soccer field. The Tsubaki Group will continue opening its famous cherry blossom viewing site to the public.

Cherry blossom viewing event