Lambda Chain

Tsubaki Lambda Chain
- Long Life, Lube Free, and Environmentally Friendly -

Tsubaki is a pioneer in the industry, being the first to develop a chain that uses special oil-impregnated bushes. Since first being introduced in 1988, Lambda Chain has gained an outstanding reputation in a variety of industries and applications. It is capable of meeting a wide range of customer needs for long life in a lubrication-free environment, resulting in a reduction in overall long-term costs.


What is Lambda Chain?

  • Benefits of Lambda Chain
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Cleaner Working Environment
  • Greater Savings on Chain
  • Replacement Costs

Features of Lambda Chain

Lambda Chains don’t need to be lubricated thanks to their special oil impregnated bushes.
No additional lube means cleaner equipment and a cleaner work environment.

Increased Productivity For Your Operations!

Lambda Chain Applications

Case 1: Clean and long lasting

Newspapers are gripped by this line after printing and conveyed. Even the slightest bit of oil on the newspaper will blur the ink, making the paper unreadable, so there can be no lubrication. And the newspapers are conveyed rather quickly in an environment with some paper dust, so normal chains quickly elongate. With Lambda Chain though, there were no problems with oil on the newspaper or equipment, resulting in a long lasting chain and a clean environment. It also eliminated the need for frequent replacement, greatly reducing the man-hours and costs wasted. The customer was extremely pleased.

Case 2: Reduces maintenance costs

There are 12 machines in this factory, with each machine running several chains. Daily maintenance was cumbersome, and irregular maintenance led to vastly different lives for each chain. Replacing one chain meant a massive loss of productivity. With the introduction of Lambda Chain, they saw their maintenance costs for each machine drop significantly and saw an increase in productivity.

Case 3: Receives high praise for no lubrication

Chains are used in the manufacture of chocolate, but chains need to be lubricated – without lubrication, chains wear prematurely. But lubricant gets on the packaged product, which makes it problematic to use chains. Enter Lambda Chain. Lambda Chains need no additional lubrication, so there is no lubricant mixed in with the product, and no product sticking to the chain. The increase in productivity that Lambda Chains bring has received high praise in the industry.

Case 4: Clean and reduced costs

Construction materials are conveyed directly on top of the chain. In the past, lubricant would stick to the materials and cause problems, but without lubrication the chain would quickly wear. The user was forced to constantly adjust the chain take-up. But Lambda Chain means long life without lubrication, and therefore no lubricant on the product. And the user appreciated the lower overall chain and running costs thanks to Lambda Chain.

Case 5: Long lasting in harsh environments

This customer used a small size conveyor chain with extended pins to convey wall materials. They used to use another brand of standard conveyor chain, but no lubrication and the high temperature environment meant rapid chain wear. They learned about Tsubaki’s heat resistant Lambda Chain KF Specifications and installed it on their equipment. They saw a dramatic increase in chain life, and were pleased with the better production planning and decreased maintenance time that Lambda Chain helped realize.

A Simulation Using Lambda Chain

The following is a simulation comparing costs for standard RF2080 conveyor chain with Lambda Chain

Standard Small Size Conveyor Chain Small Size Lambda Conveyor Chain
Price 100 (base index) 200 (2x the cost of standard chain)
Wear Life 100% 700%
Replacement Costs $600 (labor costs for two workers) / 1 day / each replacement
$600 (labor costs for two workers) / 1 day / 1/7 the replacement needed
Chain Costs 100 (base index) x 7 replacements
200 (2x the cost of standard chain) x 1 replacement for every 7 of standard chain
Total Costs 700 + $600 200 + $90

Total costs for using Lambda Chain are nearly 70% less than with standard chain! (Note: This simulation is based on actual results of in-house testing. Results may vary depending on the application.)

Wide Variation of Lambda Chain

Lambda Drive Chain
The best product for long-life without lubrication.
Further upgraded through improved bushes.
Twice the wear life compared to conventional specifications.

Lambda Drive Chain

Double pitch Lambda Conveyor Chain
Capable of meeting a wide range of customers needs for long life in a lubrication-free environment, resulting in reduced overall long-term costs. This chain has a pitch that is twice as long as standard roller chain, and flat-shaped link plates with attachments.
This series is regulated by ISO 1275-A and ANSI B29.4

Double pitch Lambda Conveyor Chain

Long Life Lambda Chain (X-Λ)
(for Drives and Conveyors)
If you wish to enjoy the benefits of a longer wear life and thus fewer chain replacements than with regular Lambda Chain, then this is the perfect chain for you.

Double pitch Lambda Conveyor Chain

Coated Lambda Chain (NP/NEP)
(for Drives and Conveyors)
The plates and rollers of this Lambda Chain are surface-treated to increase corrosion resistance.

Coated Lambda Chain (NP/NEP)

Lambda Chain KF Specifications
(for Drives and Conveyors)
Due to the special NSF-H1 certified lubrication impregnated bushes, Lambda Chain KF Series is usable in a wide temperature range (from room temperature to 230°C).
It is perfect for food product applications while at the same time being kind to the environment.

Lambda Chain KF Specifications

Lambda Free Flow Conveyor Chain
We produce Double Plus Chain, Out-board Chain,
Top Roller Chain, and Center Roller Chain for flow chain in Lambda Chain specifications.

Lambda Free Flow Conveyor Chain

A Short History of Lambda Chain

  • Began manufacturing sintered parts for automotive timing chain drive systems
  • Launched sintered bush chain for motorcycles

1st Generation Lube-Free Roller Chain

  • Launched drive and conveyor type Lambda chains
  • Launched Lambda nickel plated, hollow pin, plastic outboard roller, and TS/TN Top Chains types

2nd Generation Lube-Free Roller Chain

  • Lambda Series Renewal
    • Increased wear life 30% and kW rating 25%
    • Increased the operating temperature range to 150ºC
    • Launched Lambda II, RSC35, RSD120, and RSD140
    • Launched Lambda Double Plus and Conveyor Chains

3rd Generation Lube-Free Roller Chain

  • Further doubled the wear life of standard Lambda Chain
  • Launched Ultra Long-life X-Lambda Chain
  • Launched Lambda Curved, Double-strand, BS, RF Conveyor, and Clip Top chains
May 2005
  • Launched new BS Lambda
October 2005
  • Launched food grade Lambda Chain

The cover of the catalog for the world's first lube-free roller chain, Lambda Chain, from 1988.