Tsubaki provides the best solutions for steelmaking equipment--Applications in the Pig Iron Plant

Pig Iron Plant

The pig iron plant is where steel is extracted from iron ore. Sintered ore and coke is created here, and hot pig iron is extracted from the blast furnace.

Kiln Cooler -- Large Pin Gear Drive Unit

The pin wheels on Pin Gear Drive Units can be manufactured in segments, making them lightweight and easy to mount and dismount from cylinders. They allow for drive with rougher settings than standard gear sets.

PDU illustration

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CDQ/Hopper Operation and Switch Dumpers --Power Cylinder

CDQ is equipment that recovers sensible heat from red-hot coke using inert gas. This eco-friendly equipment produces high temperature, high pressure steam with the recovered sensible heat to generate power or for steam in the mill.

Coke furnace lid --Power Cylinder

Power cylinders are used to operate the coke furnace lid. They are electric cylinders that can operate with just simple wiring. There are no troublesome hydraulic or pneumatic pipes to worry about. Highly efficient ball screws provide long service life even under high speed/high frequency use.

Power Cylinder

Hopper Operation and Switch Dumpers --Power Cylinder

Power cylinders are used to operate the hopper gates and switch dumpers for sintered ore.

Hopper Operation and Switch Dumpers

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Coke oven -- Large Pin Gear Drive Unit

Pin Gear Drive Units are manufactured in segments of set lengths, making it easy to install for use with long strokes and allowing for quicker deliveries. The unit itself is lightweight, making it perfect for mounting in moving areas.


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Apron conveyor drive/sintered ore conveyor -- G8 Series RS Roller Chain and Drive Sprockets

RS Roller Chain

Tsubaki's unique processing technology, along with the development of a seamless solid bush and special lube grooves, improves oil retention. In the latest G8 Series (RS40-240), the development of a rust preventative lubricant that minimizes tackiness provides 20% longer wear life than the previous G7 Series.

*Lube grooves available on RS80 to RS140 is only.

solid bush

Drive Sprocket

We ensure that our Tsubaki roller chain sprockets have a deep hardened layer over the entire sprocket -- even the teeth bottoms. This ensures superb wear life for teeth bottoms and a long service life for the sprocket.

We offer an extensive line-up of sprockets with a wide ranging number of teeth, number of gearwheels, and shapes, as well as finished bore sprockets and couplings.

Drive Sprocket

*Comparison of Hardened Layers

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