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RS Roller Chain

ISO "A" standard roller chain.

Compared with our previous model, our latest model G7-EX (RS40 to 240) doubled the wear life thereby greatly reducing maintenance costs. Also, a 33% increase in kW ratings can allow for the use of a smaller size chain depending on the selection criteria.

Sizes under RS35 are the same as conventional models.

RS Roller Chain

1. Features

Twice the wear life
Tsubaki developed a seamless "Solid Bush" with our unique processing expertise.
The high-precision solid bush and special lube dimple (LD) processing increases the retention of lubrication and doubles the wear life. *LD Solid Bush processing is only available for RS80 to RS140.
33% increase in kW ratings
Tsubaki's years of traditional manufacturing expertise combined with the latest technology at the world's most advanced chain manufacturing facility, the Kyotanabe Plant. Here the consistent output quality made it possible to produce chain with 33% higher kW ratings.

2. Model No. / Ordering

By unit
Generally RS Roller Chains are stocked by unit. A connecting link is included with one unit of chain. Please order additional connecting links if dividing or extending the chain.
Assembled products
Chain can be delivered at the length the customer desires.
Please calculate the chain length to determine the number of links required before ordering.