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  • Corrosion Resistant Conveyor Chain

Corrosion Resistant Conveyor Chain

Tsubaki offers a complete line-up of stainless steel series conveyor chains (DS, GS, and SS Series) for use in corrosive, cold, or chemical applications, as well as Special Surface Treated Series conveyor chains for general applications that need light corrosion resistance.

We offer a wide array of attachments. Meter pitches are standard, with inch pitches also available.

Corrosion Resistant Large Size Conveyor Chains

Providing solutions -- examples of use by industry & application

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Thanks to our long years of experience and performance, Tsubaki is able to provide solutions to any problems imaginable users face when using conveyor chain.



Roller types

Large size conveyor chains come with three basic roller types, depending on the application.

Basic Roller Types for Large Size Conveyor Chain
R roller F roller S,M,N roller
R roller fig. F roller fig. S,M,N roller fig.
  • Our most basic, versatile roller type.
  • Features a high roller allowable load and low frictional resistance.
  • Can easily stop lateral motion.
  • Perfect for rough operating conditions, standard slat conveyors, etc.
  • *When using K attachments, be aware that the attachment area may contact the roller flange.
Works to alleviate shock and wear when engaging the sprocket.
  • S rollers: The outer diameter of roller is smaller than the plate height.
  • M rollers: The outer diameter of roller is slightly larger than that of S rollers.
  • N rollers: The outer diameter of roller is the same as with M rollers, but the pins are thicker for better strength. (RF26200N or higher)

Attachment Types

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Product Lineup

Corrosion, cold, and chemical resistance (stainless steel conveyor chain)

Product Types / Features
DS Series

DS Series

Uses 400 Series stainless steel for light corrosion, cold, and chemical resistance.

GS Series

GS Series

Uses 400 Series stainless steel, has 1.6x the tensile strength of DS Series.

SS Series

SS Series

Uses 300 Series stainless steel, offers superb corrosion, cold, and chemical resistance.


General Use + light corrosion resistance

Product Types / Features
NEP Series

Special Surface Treated Series

Offers light corrosion resistance thanks to a special surface treatment on the plates, pins, bushes, and rollers.  RoHS compliant