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  • Linear Actuator

Power Cylinders and Lifters

Power Cylinder

Linear actuators (power cylinders) that can be used with simple wiring.

  • ·Easy handling due to lack of hydraulics and pneumatics
  • ·High performance and reliable operation through the use of a screw and nut mechanism for the cylinder portion
  • ·Built-in safety device for all series. Secure operation even under overload.
  • ·Can be used with servomotors and motors in various standards.

Lift Master ®

Lift Master is a self-standing type electrical lifter that allows for overhanging and lateral loads.

Four Features of Lift Masters

  • ·Screw and guide mechanism are housed in the frame for a compact design.
  • ·Allows for overhanging loads thanks to its built-in sliding guide
  • ·Uses a brake motor. No power is required to prevent free fall or hold loads.
  • ·Clean, with no oil leakage. Easy maintenance.