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Lini Power Jack

Linear actuators (jacks) constructed with the combination of a trapezoidal screw thread or ball screw and worm gear

  • Operates by simply being connected to a drive motor.
  • Comes in three types: trapezoidal screw thread, ball screw, and high-lead ball screw types
  • The LD Type (low dust emission type) excellent for clean room environments are available.
Lini Power Jack
Useful Information
Left hand type trapezoidal screw Lini Power Jacks released October 1, 2014


Ball Screw High Lead Ball Screw Trapezoidal Screw Thread Basic Capacity
Model No. Speed Model No. Speed Model No. Speed
- - - - JWM002 L (Speed)
H (Speed)
1.96{0.2} 100 to 400
JWB005 L (Speed)
H (Speed)
- - JWM005 4.9{0.5} 100 to 800
JWB010 JWH010 H (Speed) JWM010 9.8{1} 100 to 1000
JWB025 JWH025 JWM025 24.5{2.5} 100 to 1200
JWB050 JWH050 JWM050 49{5} 100 to 1500
JWB100 JWH100 JWM100 98{10} 100 to 1500
JWB150 JWH150 JWM150 147{15} 100 to 1500
JWB200 JWH200 JWM200 196{20} 100 to 2000
JWB300 - - JWM300 294{30} 100 to 2000
JWB500 - - JWM500 490{50} 100 to 2000

Product Lineup

Product Types / Features
JWB (Ball Screw Type)

JWB (Ball Screw Type)

  • For high-speed, high-frequency applications, High efficiency through the use of ball screw
  • Long service life
JWH (High-Lead Ball Screw Type)

JWH (High-Lead Ball Screw Type)

  • For ultra high-speed, high-frequency applications, High-lead ball screw used to accommodate high-speed operations
  • Low-noise
JWM (Machine Screw Type)

JWM (Trapezoidal Screw Thread Type)

  • For low-speed, low-frequency applications, Economical with the simple and compact structure
  • Load holding capability (self-locking)