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Reducer / Variable Speed Drive

Reducers can gain torque proportional to the reduction ratio by reducing the rotational speed of a gear and outputting the power from the output shaft of a motor or other power source. Gear reducers are planetary type mechanical variable speed traction drives.

Gear Motor

This small size gear motor series has a motor capacity of 40W - 5.5kW. Three gear types are available: Gear Motor (helical gear), Hypoid Motor (hypoid gear) and Croise Motor (worm gear).

Gear Box

Tsubaki offers: A wide variety of Worm Reducers with both cylindrical and drum-shaped worm gears; powerful and compact Helical Power Drives standardized right-angle and parallel shaft; and Miter Gear Boxes with spiral bevel gears for high transmission capacity and efficiency.

Servomotor Reducer

We offer Tervo all-purpose servo gear heads in a wide range of reasonably priced gears and PAT-B planetary reducers for high precision servos for any servo motor application.

Mechanical Infinitely Variable Speed Drive

Planetary gear traction type mechanical variable speed drives. Constant torque type (DK), constant horsepower type (DB), and ultra-wide gear ratio type (DZ) available. These types offer long life even under frequent start/stop operations and strong shock loads.*We are discontinuing sales of the DISCO Variable Speed Drive on March 31, 2018.