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  • Gear Motor

Small-Size Gear Motor

This small-sized gear motor series has a motor capacity of 40W-5.5kW.

Small-Size Gear Motor

Three gear types are available: helical gear, hypoid gear, and worm gear.

Product Lineup

Gear Motor

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Hypoid Motor

Product Types / Features

Croise Motor Series

Product Types / Features

Mini Series

Product Types / Features

Flexible for Various Applications

  • Offers solutions optimized to your applications with overload protection function, pulsation specifications, and so on.
  • Besides these, industry and application-specialized models are available, including waterproof, heat/cold resistant, and food transfer specifications.

High Grade Quality

  • Electrostatic Powder Coating (Thinner-Free)
  • Provides high quality with filter specifications (input oil seal portion) that prevent the intrusion of abrasive powder into the gears that extends the life of the oil seal.

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