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Lock Sprocket

Tightening the bolts creates frictional force on the tapered sleeve that will tightly secure the sprocket to the shaft.

S Type :
Standard type using 4 - 8 bolts for tightening. Extensive line-up of RS35 - RS100 Type 1B sprockets.
N Type :
Sprocket can be mounted to the shaft by tightening just one nut. Extensive line-up of RS35 - RS60 Type 1B for small diameter shafts.
Lock Series

1. Usage

Please confirm the following points before considering Lock Series sprockets.

2. Features/Structure(S Type)

Features (S Type)
  • There is no looseness after mounting (tightening). Phase alignment is also easy.
  • Can be mounted or removed with just the bolts.
  • Sprocket is tightened in the thrust direction, making sprocket retainers unnecessary.

3. Reference Number System (S Type)

RS40 - 1B 21T - S4 8 25 A
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
  • (1) Chain No.
  • (2) Hub Type (1B: only single hubs are available)
  • (3) No. of Teeth
  • (4) Sleeve Model (S4)
  • (5) No. of Mounting Bolts (8)
  • (6) Bore dia. (φ25mm)
  • (7) Context_centeruration

4. Sleeve Mounting Context_centeruration (S Type)

Sleeve Mounting Context_centeruration (S Type)
Caution regarding sleeve mounting
  • RS35-1B19T-S33_ _ _
  • RS40-1B15T-S33_ _ _

The above models can use configuration A only, as configuration B will cause interference with the chain.

5. Features (N Type)

In addition to the features of the S Type sprockets, the N Type sprockets also possess the following features.

Greatly increased work efficiency
Compared to the S Type, which requires you to fasten several bolts, the N Type can be secured to the sprocket simply by just fastening one nut. It's also easy to remove and reattach the nut for minor adjustments.
Accommodates small diameter shafts
Tsubaki offers standard N Type sprockets with a minimum bore diameter of 7mm to a max of 28mm to satisfy any requirement.
Compact design
Designed for strength with the chain's maximum allowable load in mind -- a compact design with minimal waste.

6. Reference Number System (N Type)

RS40 - 1B 21T - N4 17 A
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  • (1) Chain Model No.
  • (2) Sprocket Types
  • (3) No. of Teeth
  • (4) Sleeve Frame No. (N4 model number)
  • (5) Bore diameter (φ17mm)
  • (6) Mounting type

7. Appearance and sleeve mounting type (N Type)

Appearance and sleeve mounting type (N Type)

8. Dimensions/Specifications

*Select the sprocket number for detailed information.

Chain Size Lock Sprocket Type
RS35-1B S Type N Type
RS40-1B S Type N Type
RS50-1B S Type N Type
RS60-1B S Type N Type
RS80-1B S Type
RS100-1B S Type