Zip Chain Actuator Sample Applications

Here we'll show you actual examples of Zip Chan Actuator in operation.

Application examples

Pallet lifting/transfer unit

Advantages of using ZCA
・Can be installed in the small space on the ceiling side.
・Reduces the cycle time for conveyance by allowing for lifting at high speed.

Pallet transfer

Furnace Door Operation Mechanism

Advantages of using ZCA
・Can be installed without protruding from the equipment.
・Higher speed operation prevents temperatures inside the furnace from changing.
・Environmentally friendly with less noise compared to pneumatic cylinders, and no oil mist.

Furnace door operation

Part Tray Depalletizer

Advantages of using ZCA
・Large number of trays can be stacked since it is low to the floor and compact.
・Highly accurate multi-point stopping at any desired position means it can handle trays of various heights.

Part trays are sequentially processed on the conveyor

Durability Tester

Advantages of using ZCA
・Provides a wide stroke range and high accuracy multi-point stopping.
・Enables high speed and high frequency evaluation by connecting to servomotors
・Environmental friendly with no oil leaks, unlike hydraulic cylinders

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Other Applications

Lifting and positioning of welding unit

Changing pallet orientation

Stacking stocker

Trolley lifting device

ounting and dismounting of molds

Pallet lifting/transfer unit