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  • Introducing Tsubaki's new Power Cylinder, the perfect replacement for hydraulic cylinders.


Introducing Tsubaki's new Power Cylinder, the perfect replacement for hydraulic cylinders.

The Worm Series Power Cylinder is the perfect power cylinder for replacing hydraulic cylinders.
Worm Series LPWB provides large thrust by using a high precision worm gear and a highly efficient ball screw manufactured with technology based on nearly a century of manufacturing tradition.

Comparison of Power Cylinders and Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Risk of oil leakage is reduced as there is no need for hydraulic piping
  • Less standby power so highly efficient and energy saving.
  • Easy installation without piping just by connecting the three phase power source.
  • Brake motor enables accurate speed and position control
  • Accurate load holding at any desired position, even during power failures
oil leakage illustration

Comparison of system structure with a hydraulic cylinder

Example of hydraulic cylinder

Comparison of system structure with a hydraulic cylinder figure
hydraulic cylinder illustration

The Power Cylinder has a simple structure that lets it convert power supply to operation extremely efficiently.

Worm Series Power Cylinder

Comparison of system structure with Power Cylinder illustration
Worm Series Power Cylinder illustration

Comparison of power consumption

Comparison of power consumption chart

Annual power consumption comparison per unit (kWh/year)

[Annual power cost/plant]
Reduces costs 1.5 million yen compared to hydraulic cylinders

82% reduced power costs

Comparison of CO2 emissions

Comparison of CO2 emissions chart

Annual CO2 emissions (kg-CO2/year)

[Comparison conditions]
  • ·Thrust 300N
  • ·Speed 200mm/s
  • ·Stroke 500mm
  • ·1 cycle/minute x 12 hours/day x 250 days/year

The following are some applications where power cylinders are the perfect replacement for hydraulic cylinders

Shipping & Port facilities
In the port facilities industry, you'll find power cylinder-based hybrid and all-electric type cylinders being used around the world instead of hydraulic cylinders because they prevent sea contamination from oil and save energy.

Stopping container swinging

Stopping container swinging

Operates the wire drum in four directions when the trolley is driving, and adjusts the swing of the container.

Container tilting

Container tilting

Pulls a rope to adjust the tilting of the container.

Arm telescoping

Arm telescoping

Adjusts the length of the arms to handle double containers or other container sizes.



Rotates the tires 90 degrees so the transfer crane can change direction. The Worm Series can handle large loads.

Luffing the yard machine boom
Elevates the boom of yard machines, such as stackers, reclaimers, unloaders, and ship loaders.
  • Can handle large loads
  • Sequential operation of two machines is also possible.
Boat davits
A lever is operated when a lifeboat is drawn up.
Can prevent water and marine pollution from oil leakage, unlike with hydraulic cylinders, because there is no hydraulic piping and so there a low risk of oil leaks.