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  • Notice regarding Discontinuation of TSB-SS/SA Series Shock Relays and Request to Switch SB Series


Notice regarding Discontinuation of TSB-SS/SA Series Shock Relays and Request to Switch SB Series

Discontinuation of SS/SA Series sales

We are discontinuing sales of the well-received standard SS Series and SA Series Electrical Overload Protectors Shock Relays.
Their successor, the SB Series, will be released shortly. We kindly ask that you switch to this new series.

Affected models
  • All TSB-SS Series Shock Relay models (Self-holding type)
  • All TSB-SA Series Shock Relay models (Automatic reset type)
Reason for Discontinuation
We are no longer able to source the parts used in these series.
Discontinuation schedule
As soon as stock of SS/SA Series is depleted.
Successor models
SB Series Shock Relay
The SB Series is on track to be released in June 2015. However, once preparations are ready we will switch to this new series when stock of SS/SA Series is depleted.
*Contact a Tsubaki representative regarding CCC, UL, and other standards.

Regarding the successor model, the SB Series

Main features

  • This series has the functions of both the SS/SA Series -- select both self holding and automatic reset functions.
  • The SB Series is installed the same way, although the outer dimensions are a little different. They can also be installed on a DIN rail like the SS/SA Series.
  • Electrical current detection is stable thanks to a built-in CPU.
  • The price is the same as the SS/SA Series.

Comparison with the discontinued series

Series Discontinued model Successor model
Japan domestic Overseas Japan domestic Overseas Japan domestic/Overseas
Exterior TSB-SSExterior picture TSB-SAExterior picture TSB-SBExterior picture
Current setting range 0.5-6A, 3-30A, 5-60A 0.5-6A, 1-10A, 3-30A, 5-60A 0.5-6A, 1-12A, 3-30A, 5-60A
Start time 0.2-30s 0.2-10s 0.2-10s
Shock time 0.2-10s 0.2-5s 0.2-5s
Reset method Manual (reset button) Automatic Manual (reset button)/Automatic
Control power supply voltage 100-240AC 100-240AC 24-240AC/DC
Rated load 1C 3A/250V 1C 3A/250V 1NC+1NO 3A/250V
Operation Excited when conducting normally Non-excited when conducting normally N: Excited when conducting normally
R: Non-excited when conducting normally
When operating Self holding Auto-reset SS:Self holding (Same as SS Series)
SA:Auto-reset (Same as SA Series)
CE available available - - available
UL - available - - -
CCC - available - available *CCC standards will be available as soon as they are acquired.
RoHS available available available available available
Reach - - - - available