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  • Some models (ZCA035 has been changed to ZCA135) have been improved


Some models (ZCA035 has been changed to ZCA135) have been improved

The ZCA035 drive section has been improved.

Model number changed to ZCA135

1. Drive section contour changed

Bottom surface mounting tap positions, input shaft height, and so on are compatible with the previous specifications. However, the contour of some drive sections and shaft lengths have changed.

2. Specification changes

Input shaft on the opposite side
The design has been changed to have the same diameter as the basic models, and the basic capacity of ZCAs with input shafts on the opposite side of input shaft are the same as with the basic models.
Bellows (excluding horizontal installation bellows)
Improved convenience by changing the specifications to allow bellow retrofitting.
Additional mounting taps
Improved mounting flexibility by adding mounting taps on the side of drive section.
ZCAs with motor
A wide variety of gear motors to meet speed and thrust needs are available.
Additional options
New options including a dual shaft type, lubrication plate, and shaft hole cap*.

The shaft and the side opposite of the drive section are open in order to accommodate dual shaft protrusion and input shafts on the opposite side.


Changes to outer dimensions

New specifications ZCA135N050

Previous specifications ZCA035N050

ZCA025 has not been changed.