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Quickly and Smoothly Plastic Chain Series for conveying beverage containers Introducing the Bevedolphin!

What's new

Introducing Bevedolphin WT2515-W/WT2515G-W Type Plastic Modular Chain.
Introducing Bevedolphin Plastic Modular Chain WT2515G-M Type.
Introducing Bevedolphin Plastic Top Chain TTUPM-H Type.
“Bevedolphin” – Beverage + Dolphin
“Bevedolphin” – Beverage + Dolphin Bevedolphin is the name of Tsubaki’s new plastic chain series for the beverage industry.
Bevedolphin quickly and smoothly conveys your beverage containers, just like a dolphin quickly and smoothly swims through the sea.
Tsubaki's Bevedolphin Series joins a long line of quality products we offer to the beverage industry.

Beverage industry picture

Bevedolphin WT2515-W/WT2515G-W type for linear conveyance

New wide type WT2515-W and WT2515G-W Plastic Modular Chains have been added. Ideal for beverage container conveyance.

Easy maintenance

The chain consists of a combination of pitch 25.4mm and 85mm and 170mm wide modular links. Thanks to its plug that prevents pin drop out, the chain is easy to maintain (cut/join).

WT2515G-W type with tab guide attachments have also been added.

Easy maintenance fig.

TTUPM-H Type Bevedolphin for curved conveyance

Special double layer D-type plastic pin

TTUPM-H Series uses the world’s first special double layer D-type plastic pin combining both plastic and metal.

It possesses all the features of plastic while preventing floating through magnetism.

Special double layer D-type plastic pin

Special double layer D-type plastic pin illustration

Combination of links and pins

Combination of links and pins illustration

Combination of rail and chain

Combination of rail and chain illustration

Contributes to longer chain life by minimizing wear elongation

All-metal pins wear when exposed to water, causing significant wear elongation.

Special double layer D-type plastic pins found on the Bevedolphin Series use special engineering plastic where they slide against the links to further minimize wear elongation in contact with water and prolong the life of the chain.

Wear Elongation Comparison Graph

Wear Elongation Comparison Graph

Test Conditions

  • Special double layer D-type plastic pins (New Tsubaki TTUPM-H Type)
  • All-metal pins (Competitor equivalent)
  • Chain speed: 60m/min
  • Ambient temperature, 5kg weight load
  • Contact with water (water drip)

The graph on the left shows our in-house test results.

Contributes to eco-friendly operations by reducing pin weight

Much lighter pins thanks to the special double layer D-type plastic pin

Special double layer D-type plastic pins are 15% lighter than all-metal pins. The attraction of the chain to the magnetic rail in curved sections has been optimized to reduce motor load as well.

Chain Weight Comparison Graph


Weight comparison with all-metal pin chains as 100.

Graph Showing Reduced Required Power


*Comparison of required power with all-metal pins as 100.

WT2515G-M Type Bevedolphin for straight sections

WT2515G-M Type uses special stepped plastic connecting pins.

While plugged types (with plugs to prevent pin drop-out) have a risk of foreign matter entering when plugs drop out, there is no risk with special stepped plastic pins, which combine pins and a pin drop-out prevention structure.

The simple structure of only links and pins also makes handling easy.

special stepped plastic pins fig.

Combination of WT2515 and TTUPM-H types

Possible to install on the frame of the same structures.

Straight-running WT2515G-M and side-flexing TTUPM-H types can be installed on the same frame structure, which allows for simple conveyor design for multi-lane applications. The WT2515-W and WT2515G-W can be installed simultaneously since they have the same pitch and thickness.



Bevedolphin Series

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