Raw Material Purchasing Information

Steels Hot-rolled steels, Cold-rolled steels, Round bars, Drawn materials, Various types of formed steel, Flat bar steels, and Steel pipes
Alloy Steels Various types of band steel, Sheet steels, Flat bar steels, Round-edge materials, Round bars, Polished bar steels, Wire rods, Stainless sheet steels, Stainless bar steels, Stainless steel pipes, Special steel pipes, Drawn steel pipes, and Heat extrusion formed steel pipes
Non-ferrous Metals Aluminum extrusion products. Aluminum sheet, Copper sheet, Brass bars, Pipes, and Die-casting alloys
Powder Metals Iron powder for powder metallurgy, Copper powder, Nickel powder, Various types of additive, Resins, fiber raw materials
Plastics & Glass Fibers Various types of engineering plastic, General purpose resins, Grass fivers, Alamido fibers, and Sailcloth
Rubber Synthetic rubber, Natural rubber, and various additives

Parts Purchasing Information

Motors General purpose motors, Special motors, Serbomotors, Fan-motors, Small geared motors, Stepping motors, and Motors with brake
Pneumonic Equipment Various types of cylinder, Electromagnetic valves, Speed controller, Various types of auxiliary equipment, Joints for piping, Hoses & tubes, and Rotary joints
Hydraulic Equipment Various types of hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulic units, Piping joints, Hydraulic motors, Special speed control valves, Hydraulic hoses, Rotary joints, and Pipe-work
Bearings and Parts Ball bearings, Needle bearings, Micro-bearings, Oil-less bush, Pillow blocks, Ball screws, Bearings for linear operation, Resin bearings, Special bearings, Various types of oil-seal, Special oil seals, and O-rings
Rubber / Plastic Parts Acoustical materials, Anti-vibration materials, Rubber dampers, Cushion materials, Packing, Rubber goods, and Resin goods
Controllers Programmable controllers, FA controllers, Inverters, Servomotor controllers, Custom CPU, Software
Sensors Proximity switches, Photoelectric switches, Limit switches, Micro-switches,Mat-switches, Various types of encoder, and Pulse generators
Electric / Electronic Parts Semiconductors, Various types of device, Wiring materials, Auxiliary wiring equipment, Batteries, and Battery chargers
Electronic Appliance Audio input devices, Automated data readers, Barcode readers, and Various types of scanners, and Inkjet printers
Conveyers and Conveyer Parts Roller conveyers, Belt conveyers, Casters, Table lifters, Vertical conveyers, Rollers,Conveyer belts, and Steel belts
Other Machines Bearing oiling devices / equipment, Chain oiling equipment, Packing machines, Binding machines, and Weighing equipment, Hoists, Air blowers, and Pumps
Machine Elements Various types of rivet / screw, Keys, and Various types of pin

Supplemental Material Purchasing Information

Fuels A crude oil, Kerosene, Butane gas, Oxygen, and Gasoline
Lubricants Gear oil, Operating oil and Grease
Other Oils Cutting oil, Grinding oil, Plasticity forming oil, Antirust oil, Cleaning oil, and Heat treatment oil
Tools Cutting tools (bytes, tips, drills, cutters, reamers, saw blades), Operating jigs, Measuring jigs, Cargo transfer carts, Grinding materials, Polishing materials, Steel shots, Welding bars, and Welding materials
Packing Materials Cardboard boxes, Wood boxes, Pallets, Various types of sheet, and Packing PP bands

Subcontracted Processes / Products

Processes / Products
General grinding, Polishing, Heat treatment (induction hardening coal heat hardening, Can manufacturing, Welding, Press, Laser assembling, Surface finishing (plating, black dyeing), etc.