Company Info


Tsubakimoto Chain, the world leader in high-end chain functionality and quality, supplies chains that are used in a wide range of industries. Tsubakimoto Chain's mainstay Kyotanabe Plant is an advanced chain manufacturing base that boasts world-class facilities and productivity.

Drive Chains

RS Roller Chain, Lambda® Roller Chain, Low Noise Roller Chain, High-Tech Corrosion-Resistant Chain

Conveyor Chains

Conveyor Chain, Attachment Chain, Top Chain (steel, plastic), Free-Flow Chain, Module Conveyor Belt, Sprocket

Cable and Hose Protection and Guidance Products

Steel Cableveyor, Plastic Cableveyor


Tsubakimoto Chain is a system supplier that provides the world's automakers with timing chain drive systems, which are key engine components. With our complete technical development and quality control systems, we meet the needs of automakers for high quality.

Automotive Timing Drive Systems

Timing Chain (Roller Chain, Silent Chain), Tensioner, Lever / Guide / Sprocket, Timing Belt / Pulley, Auto Tensioner

General Industrial

Timing Belts, JIS Timing Belt, Ultra PX Belt, Urethane Timing Belt, Long Belt, Flexible 530 Belt, Pulley / Lock Pulley


Subsidiary TSUBAKI E&M provides customers that require precision and high-speed operation with a wide range of power transmission equipment, bolstering the comprehensive strength of the Tsubakimoto Chain Group.

Reducers and Variable Speed Drives

Gear Motor / Hypoid Motor, Croise Motor / Emerworm, Helical Power Drive, Troi Drive, DISCO Variable Speed Drive

Motion Control Units

Power Cylinder, Lini Power Jack, Shock Damper

Clutches / Couplings / Torque Limiters

Power Lock, Flexible Coupling, Rigid Coupling, Cam Clutch, Torque Limiter/Torq Guard, Shock Relay/Shock Monitor, Sprockets


Drawing on the strengths of its portfolio of conveyance, storage, and picking systems for customers in the distribution, manufacturing, newspaper, pharmaceutical, and other industries, Tsubakimoto Chain has built a solid market position through provision of innovative solutions to customer challenges.

Sorting Systems

Linisort / Navisort / Mailsort, Fashionsort / Multi-Sorter

Conveyance Systems

Autran / Autran Vanguard, AGV / ADS (Auto Dolly Super), Free Curve / New Traverser, Hybrid Traverser, MINOMI Conveyor

Storage and Picking Systems

Pack-U-Veyor / Power Column, Labo Stocker, Space Freezer

Other Systems

Factory Automation (FA) Systems, Bulk Handling Systems, Scrap Metal Conveyance, Coolant Processing Equipment, Equipment Monitoring Systems, Maintenance Service