Environmental Approach

The Tsubaki Group utilizes environmental accounting to quantify the economic and ecological benefits obtained through its environmental conservation activities as well as the cost of these activities. We use this information to analyze the progress of environmental conservation activities and implement continuous improvements. Here we provide a summary of our main environmental accounting data.

FYE 2017 Environmental Accounting

Environmental accounting

In FYE 2017, we made various energy-saving investments including adoption of a high-efficiency heat treatment furnace and increased adoption of other energy-saving equipment. In addition, expenses related to restructuring utility equipment operation and activities for improving productivity were on par with the previous fiscal year. The Tsubaki Group utilizes its environmental accounting system to analyze the cost of environmental conservation activities and the economic and ecological outcomes of these activities, as well as to reflect these findings in future activities. This system is also used to disclose information.

Environmental conservation costs

Unit: Thousands of yen
Category Details of Main Activities Investments Expenses
(1) Business area costs 358,196 440,794
Breakdown (1)-1 Pollution control costs Introduction and operational management of air pollution control facilities & wastewater treatment facilities 37,838 133,737
(1)-2 Environmental conservation costs Introduction and operational management of power management system 320,358 158,996
(1)-3 Resource recycling costs Waste disposal and recycling costs; improvements to industrial waste storage facilities 0 148,062
(2) Upstream and downstream costs Analysis outsourcing costs, including substances imparting an environmental impact 598 181
(3) Administration costs Establishment & operation of EMS; improving the greening of worksite interiors; installation of equipment for measuring air & water quality 113 244,670
(4) R&D costs Research & development of environmentally friendly products (reducing environmental impact during product use) 2,128 126,591
(5) Social activity cost Regional environmental activities 0 1,277
(6) Environmental remediation costs Purification of groundwater and the like 0 0
Total 361,035 813,513

Benefits of environmental conservation

Category Environmental performance indicators
FYE 2016 FYE 2017 Difference from Reference Period
(Environmental Conservation Benefit)
Conservation benefits related to environmental impact and waste emissions from business operations CO2 emissions
(tons of CO2)
57,622 58,040 Increase of 418 tons of CO2
Waste emissions (t) 5,779 6,617 Increase of 838 tons
Environmental conservation benefit from investing resources in business operations
Water (1,000 m3) 457 449 Reduction of 8,000 m3

Economic benefits of environmental conservation

FYE 2017 gain on sale of valuable resources

Unit: Yen in thousands
Kyotanabe Plant Saitama Plant Seven group companies Total
Gain on sale of punch press scrap 60,658 105,086 16,521 182,264
Gain on sale of machining swarf (scrap iron) 762 14,530 5,462 20,753
Gain on sale of long scrap 5,513 0 5,195 10,707
Gain on sale of scrap stainless steel 4,252 0 6,673 10,925
Gain on sale of scrap wire 168 2,452 2,874 5,494
Gain on sale of scrap aluminum 1,165 1,982 461 3,607
Gain on sale of scrap parts 7,391 3,007 3,110 13,508
Gain on sale of processing scrap 0 683 168 852
Gain on sale of scrap vanadium 0 392 0 392
Gain on sale of plastic scrap 262 1,443 28 1,736
Gain on sale of waste oil 0 535 187 722
Other 0 471 0 471
Total 80,175 130,580 40,678 251,432