Environmental Approach

In addition to the social contributions resulting from its business operations, the Tsubaki Group also engages in steady efforts as a member of the community, such as its social and environmental initiatives and other activities suited to on-the-ground circumstances.

Tsubaki’s Approach

Our “Code of Ethics” is a shared group employee set of behavioral guidelines. It clearly states that in business activities employees must follow countries’ laws and rules, as well as that each individual’s actions should maintain and promote the Tsubaki brand.
With these guidelines in mind, in order to maintain and develop good partnerships with local communities, we carry out a wide range of initiatives, including factory visits and work experience programs for children in Japan and a variety of charity and volunteer activities oversees.

Initiatives in Japan

Local Communities

Hanno Shinryoku Two-Day March Hanno Shinryoku Two-Day March

Support of a Walking Event(Saitama Plant)
Following on from 2017, the Group’s Saitama Plant again made its recreation facilities available for the Hanno Shinryoku Two-Day March, a citywide walking event that the city of Hanno holds every May. At the recreation facilities, which have new tennis courts and a renewed welfare area, the plant’s personnel and volunteers from a local junior high school offered participants candy made specially for the event and beverages. During the heat of the day, passing walkers were able to rest before setting off with renewed energy toward the next refreshment station.
We intend to continue working in partnership with and making further contributions to the local community.

A Summer Vacation child and parent factory tour A Summer Vacation child and parent
factory tour

Sharing the Fun of Manufacturing: Summer Holiday Family Visit Program
(Kyotanabe Plant)

As part of these efforts, in FYE 2018 we held for the tenth time our annual summer holiday factory visit program for local elementary school students and their families. During the two days, one hundred elementary school students and their parents took part in the factory tours. They experienced the fun and depth of manufacturing through our annual chain assembly competitions, information provided on the history of Tsubaki manufacturing, as well as visits to the renovated entrance and the factory floor.

Youth Development

Girls’ Science Camp Girls’ Science Camp

Supporting Girls’ Science Camp for Junior and Senior High School Girls (Kyotanabe Plant)
Girls’ Science Camp comprises hands-on experiment classes based on the theme of the fun of physics. It is part of a program that Doshisha University organizes with the aim of encouraging junior and senior high school girls to choose science subjects. During the program, held in August 2017, we conducted study tours of the Kyotanabe Plant and provided activities led by the plant’s female engineers. Under the concepts of “watching moving machines,” “touching objects,” and “listening to sounds,” our activities provided all participants with firsthand experiences that utilized our distinctive operations.
The activities were a good opportunity to communicate the fun and appeal of manufacturing. For example, we provided opportunities for exchanges among our female engineers and 54 junior and senior high school girls. Also, our female engineers talked to the group about their experiences, explaining reasons for choosing science, the type of work in which the engineers are currently engaged, and the fulfillment that it provides.

Environmental Activities

Our environmental activities include community environmental events as well the cleaning of areas surrounding company buildings, which is done independently by individual Tsubaki locations. Employees actively participate, working to be good members of the community.

Participating in the Kyotanabe environment festival Participating in the Kyotanabe
environment festival (Kyotanabe Plant)
Participating in the Nagaokakyo environment festival Participating in the Nagaokakyo
environment festival (Nagaokakyo Plant)
Participating in the Daito Clean Walk Participating in the Daito Clean Walk
(Tsubakimoto Custom Chain)

Overseas Initiatives

Overseas group companies engage in various unique community-rooted charities and other activities.

Charity Activities

Food BanksDonating to Food Banks:
Food and Daily Necessities (Germany)
Relay for Life “Relay for Life” Charity Event Participation:
Supporting Cancer Patients (USA)
Helping at Christmastime Helping at Christmas-time through
an International Charity Group (Australia)

Local Communities

Contributing to Society through a Marathon Contributing to Society through
a Marathon(Netherlands)