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Tsubaki One-Touch Inspection Door

Tsubaki One-Touch Inspection Door is used for inspection and cleaning conveyors, hoppers, chutes etc.

Easy installation without the need for special tools.

Tsubaki One-Touch Inspection Door

1. Main Features

  1. Easy installation at the jobsite
  2. Dust‐ and rain‐tight
  3. Quick and easy inspection
  4. Stable quality and economical

2. Standard models

Style (2 styles)
  • Regular
  • High‐neck (H)
Type (6 types)
  • Standard
  • Heat resistant (200°C, 400°C)
  • Transparent windowed
  • Withstanding pressure
  • Residue prevention,etc
Series (3 series)
  • Standard (P)
  • Corrosion proof (Q)
  • All stainless corrosion (R)
  • Polyethylene foam
  • Neoprene rubber
  • Heat resistant type (200°C, 400°C)