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  • Zip Chain Lifter®

50kg Zip Chain Lifter®

A Zip Chain Lifter with an allowable lifting weight of 50kg.

We have pursued a compact design/free layout to meet customer needs for a more compact lifter optimized for lighter loads.

50kg ZSLz
Available for any lifting device

Optimal in processes where synchronization with equipment in front/behind the lifter or stopping accuracy is required.

  • Supplying mechanical parts
  • Lifting equipment such as electrical, electronic, liquid-crystal, semiconductor, and small precision devices in production lines.


We have added easy-to-handle functions for lifting small objects/light loads to complement the high-speed lifting and high repeatable stopping accuracy of previous models.

High-speed lifting
The high-speed specification enables top-class high-speed lifting at 1.2 seconds when lifting stroke is 500mm.
High repeatable stopping accuracy (less than ± 1mm)
Positioning control is easier than with conventional electrical/hydraulic lifters thanks to its mechanism where the Zip Chain directly pushes up the lift table, which enables high repeatable stopping accuracy at less than ± 1mm.
Can be installed in an A2 size space.
This model can be installed in a 580mm x 400mm space (A2 size equivalent), and convey objects coming from four directions. You can dramatically improve layout flexibility in production/logistic lines.
Completely modularized and easy to move the installation location to match your layout.
No need for troublesome equipment/pumps like with air/hydraulic lifters. It's easy to move the installation location.


The standard specification and high-speed specification are standard.

Specification Allowable lifting weight Lifting stroke Per 500mm Table size (width x length)
Lifting speed Lowering speed
Standard specification (with induction motors) 50kg 500mm 7.4 seconds 7.4 seconds 580mm x 400mm
High-speed specification (with servo motors) 50kg 500mm 1.2 seconds 1.2 seconds

Zip Chain Lifter Applications

Zip Chain Lifter Applications

Learn more about actual examples of use and points for adoption. We also have experience with push-and-pull and hanging applications. Contact a Tsubaki representative for more details.