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Drill Rig

Drill rigs create deep surface holes which are then filled with explosives and blasted to allow for the removal of the overburden. Other applications include extracting core samples for exploration purposes. To overcome the heavy shock loads associated with this type of drilling, Tsubaki offers the Super Chain Series: HT Series, SUPER Series, SUPER-H Series, ULTRA SUPER Series. To protect against pitting corrosion, Tsubaki offers APP surface treatment, which is highly effective in outdoor environments. To help create a safer work environment, Tsubaki provides Super Long Length Formation for Large Size Roller Chain, allowing for a continuous length chain void of any connecting links in the entire length of the chain.

Super Chain Series

ANSI standard roller chains are widely used in various industries. To meet growing industry demands for cost efficiency, stronger and higher performing chains which can replace the corresponding ANSI standard chains are necessary. Tsubaki offers a line of Heavy Duty-Super and Ultra Super Chains to solve your specific problems associated with heavy shock loads and other operating issues.

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series chains have a greater ultimate tensile strength (+15~30%) over ANSI standard roller chains by using through hardened pins and link plates of the next larger chain size. These chains also provide greater shock load resistance. The dimensions of the chains are identical to ANSI Heavy Series standard roller chains.

Super Series

Super Series

The dimensions of this series are identical to those of ANSI standard roller chains. Link plates of the Super Series have a special design and the pitch holes are critically formed to improve their allowable load by 25-30%. The pins are through hardened for greater shock load resistance.

Super-H Series

Super H Series

The thickness of the link plates of SUPER-H Series is the same as that of the next larger size of SUPER Series chains and the pins are through hardened. As a result, the chains have a greater ultimate tensile strength and allowable load than SUPER Series Chains.

Ultra Super Series

Ultra Super Series

Field test results show that Tsubaki Ultra Super Series has greater ultimate tensile strength and allowable load than any other roller chain manufactured. As the allowable load is 170% of that of ANSI RS Roller Chain, using Ultra Super Series allows selection of chain up to two sizes smaller than the suitable standard chain. Excellent for applications where heavy shock loads or space limitations pose problems.

Tsubaki Super Chain Features

If you've had problems such as fatigue breakage of link plates, or generally poor performance, we recommend that you try the Tsubaki HT Series, Super Series, Super-H series or the Ultra Super Series, where you can dramatically increase the strength of your chain without having to make major modifications to your existing equipment.

drill rig drill rig

Corrosion Resistant Roller Chains Surface-Treated Drive Chains APP Specification

Outstanding performance in atmospheres conducive to pitting corrosion.

drill rig chain

Pins are treated with a special surface treatment to protect against pitting corrosion that leads to fatigue breaks, thus preventing strength loss. This treatment is highly effective in environments that readily promote corrosion, such as outdoor or coastal applications.

Note: Pitting is a type of localized corrosion affecting metal surfaces. Pits form toward the interior, and if pitting occurs on pin surfaces, that pin can quickly lead to fatigue breakage and chain failure.


No strength loss!

Same as standard steel chain.

Eco-friendly chrome-free!

Special surface treatment does not use hazardous hexavalent chrome.

Example Applications

APP Chains are ideal for atmospheres that readily promote corrosion.

  • Outdoor uses
  • Coastal or riverside uses
  • When regular lubrication is difficult
drill rig drill rig

Because equipment is used outdoors, rain can infiltrate equipment, creating conditions that promote pitting corrosion Also, pitting readily occurs in equipment exposed to salty air or saltwater spray.

Example of fatigue breaks caused by pitting corrosion

Chain: BS160HHHT-2

Equipment: Drill Rig

Pitting corrosion of the pin due to insufficient lubrication and corrosive atmosphere = Fatigue breakage

Example of fatigue breaks


Applicable Models

Single/Double Strand RS Roller Chain

Except for the surface-treated pins, dimensions and other specifications are the same as other roller chains.

Single Strand Heavy Duty Roller Chain

(For other models, contact Tsubaki.)

Super Long Length Formation for Large Size Roller Chain

Removes the hassle of connecting chain from the user and contributes to a safe work environment.

As chain size increases, so does the burden of connecting it for the user. By connecting and delivering chain of the desired longer length, we can increase our users' work productivity and help maintain a safe working environment.


safer chain

The entire chain is connected, meaning no connection work for the user and more stable product quality.


simpler chain

The chain is delivered folded over itself in a special made wooden box for easy removal.

  • Tsubaki can supply wooden boxes using heat treated materials for exports. (Complies with ISPM Guidelines.)
  • Case mark for export can also be affixed to the box.
  • Box is delivered horizontally. Box must stand upright to lift out chain.

More Reliable

more reliable chain

Reliable installation - No more worries about on-site connection or twisting.

Super long length formation makes installation safer, simpler, and more reliable.


Chain is packaged in a special wooden box and delivered horizontally.


Stand wooden box upright when removing chain. (Be careful when standing wooden box.)


Chain is packaged folded on top of itself. Attach one end to a crane and lift out for easy removal.


Safer, simpler, and more reliable installation to equipment!