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Feeder Breakers

Power and Performance for the Mining Industry

Feeder Breakers are primary crushers designed to break ore into smaller sizes via a deck and chain conveyor system. The chain conveyor feeds the crushed ore onto belt conveyors where it is sent for further processing or stock piling.

For the conveyor mechanism, Tsubaki offers our proven Feeder Breaker (Steel Bushed) conveyor chain and flight bars for this application. Sizes include 88.9mm (3.5˝), 76.2mm X 101.6mm (3˝ X 4˝), 114.3mm (4.5 ˝), 139.7mm (5.5 ˝), 152.4mm (6 ˝) or we can custom make a size suitable for most applications. Also, to help overcome rapid wear from the severe working environments found in the mining industry, Tsubaki is also proud to provide its industry proven corrosive resistant surface treatment, greatly extending a chain's wear life in even the harshest of conditions.

Feeder Breaker Feeder Breaker Feeder Breaker Feeder Breaker

Feeder Breaker Chain

(Steel Bushed Chains)

feeder breaker chain

Tsubaki Feeder Breaker Chains (also known as Steel Bushed Chains) are especially designed and manufactured to provide excellent service in severe working conditions. Our chains are manufactured to close tolerances with the most modern equipment in the industry. Each component is made from high-quality alloy steels (pins are made of select alloy steel or high-quality carbon steel) and then specially heat-treated to provide maximum performance and long wear life. Joint parts are hardened to provide greater strength and wear resistance. Link plates are hardened to achieve ultra-high strength throughout.

Feeder Breaker Chains Components

Strong, Tough Pins

Pins are hardened to achieve superior strength and extend wear life. This creates the ideal combination of surface hardness for wear resistance and core toughness to resist impact.

Long-Wearing Bushes

Bushes are manufactured to rigid specifications for optimum wear resistance and strength. Select steels are precision machined to maintain consistently high link plate interference. This results in positive link plate hold and favorable residual stress to resist fatigue. Bushes are case-hardened and heat-treated to extend wear life.

Fatigue-Resistant Link Plates

Link Plates are through-hardened to achieve ultra-high strength. This keeps the chain hanging failure-free, ensuring consistent service life. Tsubaki has developed superior techniques to ensure hole quality and pitch control. The result is fatigue resistance and premium performance.

Feeder Breaker Chain is produced by U.S. Tsubaki.

Corrosive Resistant Chain Coating Technology

Nickel-Plated, Zinc-Plated, UWP, NEP, Chrome Coating and Triple Plated Chrome Coating

In-house Salt Spray Test results
chain salt spray test chain salt spray test
Tsubaki: 700 hours NO RUST Company A: 100 hours
chain salt spray test chain salt spray test
Company B: 300 hours Company C: 400 hours

Combining the proven strength of alloy steel with superior corrosion resistance, these special corrosive resistant surface treatments deliver significantly extended service life for reduced total operating costs. Tsubaki offers a complete corrosion resistant package for roller chain, engineering chain, and sprockets.

If your drive or conveyor chains are exposed to intermittent water, occasional wash-downs, outdoor conditions, or even chemicals and salt water, your chains and sprockets need to be surface treated to keep your equipment moving.

The advanced performance of Tsubaki's corrosion resistant surface treatments is the result of a revolutionary mechanical plating system treatment that forms a lasting bond to the steel. It protects the chain and extends its service life by resisting corrosion longer than ever before.

Tsubaki's corrosion resistant surface treated chains stand up to water better than other types of plated chain.

Corrosion eats up more than chain -- it eats up your profits! Choose strong, long-lasting corrosion resistant surface treatment and protect your bottom line. For more information, please contact your local Tsubaki representative.