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Power Cylinders

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Power Cylinders

Tsubaki Power Cylinders are a completely self-contained, motorized linear actuator unit available in a variety of types and speeds. Their compact size and ease of installation make them ideally suited to a variety of mining applications.

These units require little maintenance, and they are mainly used outdoors where there is a requirement for linear motion, such as flop gates, the opening and closing of rooves and doors, coal sampling units and trousers, leg chutes, and clam shells for Reclaimer Tunnels. Tsubaki Power Cylinders consist of an enclosed electric motor fitted with a DC brake rated 150% load capacity, over travel protection and load limiting friction discs. It uses a gear set, ball screw and nut to extend and retract the rod end.

As a standard for tropical applications we can have the unit painted with a rubberized paint and all non load bearings screws and fasteners supplied in stainless steel.

Applications for power cylinders are commonly found in mines, power stations, ports and any application where a self contained linear actuator with no leaky reservoir, hoses, tube fittings, etc. are needed to operate this unit.

As well as being extremely sturdy, the Power Cylinder has either Trunnion or Clevis mounting arrangements, and can be fitted with stroke limit switches, rotary encoders, potentiometers, bellows and other accessories. See below for more details.

Tsubaki Power Cylinders lend themselves to convenient operation from remote locations such as from other buildings.

Tsubaki Power Cylinders

What are Power Cylinders?

There are three categories of linear actuators: the hydraulic cylinder, the pneumatic cylinder, and the electro mechanical cylinder which is a Power Cylinder.

The following is a specs and cost comparison table for these three cylinders.

* One financial unit is equal to 1
  Tsubaki Power Cylinder Pneumatic Cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder
Type LPTB1000HSL Bore size 200mm Bore size 50mm
Thrust load 1,000kg  1,000kg 1,000kg
Stroke 300mm 300mm 300mm
Speed 120mm/sec 120mm/sec 120mm/sec
Cylinder cost 1* 0.4 0.1
System cost 2.5 1.5
Electricity expense 18 6
CO2 emission 18 6

This is depending on the conditions of operation and the application.

Power Cylinder T Series

Power CylindersPower Cylinders

Thrust force: 2.45kN { 250kgf } ~ 313kN { 32000kgf }

This is a large thrust type Power Cylinder which can be used with an AC power source. The Power Cylinder T series can be used across a wide range of applications such as mining, steel, cement, injection molding machines, liquid crystal and semiconductor devices. This Power Cylinder can be used outdoors. (IP55) (Higher ratings available upon request.)

Two Easy-to Select Types

The T series has two different types of safety mechanisms. The TB type incorporates a slipping clutch and electric Shock Relay. The TC type is equipped with a thrust detection limit switch, for press stopping.

Wide Variation

A wide range of standard models are available according to application, thrust and speed. Thrust force can be selected from a range of 2.45kN { 250kgf } to 313kN { 32000kgf } and speed can be selected in a range from 10mm/sec to 120mm/sec.

Reliable Operation

All models adopt a highly efficient ball screw, silent gear, and highly reliable brake motor. All series incorporate a highly reliable safety device which is effective against overload.

Abundance of Options

The stroke adjusting limit switch includes an external and built-in type, and the stroke sensor includes a potentiometer, a rotary encoder, or both.

Endrod Damper

This is an optional unit designed to take vibration away from cylinders.

Power Cylinders

High Performance Linear Actuators Offering Efficient, Clean and Quiet Drive

Easy and Economical to Combine with your Equipment

Power Cylinders

The mechanical type motor driven actuator reduces the need for compressors, piping valves or hydraulic units, making the equipment simpler and more economical. The device can be treated as a motor and allows for simple remote control. Furthermore, the simple construction and long life grease provide for more economical maintenance.

Ready for Outdoor Use (IP55, higher ratings available upon request)

T Series, G Series, Ultra Heavy Duty Series, F Series, Battery Series

With Electromagnetic Brake Motor

T Series, G Series, Ultra Heavy Duty Series

Battery Powered Actuator

Power Cylinders

DC motor type

Battery Series, F Series

Multi Type Actuator

Power Cylinders

Available for synchronized operation with one motor Multi Series.

Jack Type

Power Cylinders

(Ball screw or trapezoidal screw) Lini-power jack available by a separate catalog 1.96-980KN (0.2-100tf)

Internal Position Sensor; Limit Switch Type

Optionally available for signaling the position of the stroke

T Series, G Series, F Series

Power Cylinder

Potentiometer (Analog) or Rotary (Digital) Encoder

Optionally available for remote control operation.

T Series, G Series, Ultra Heavy Duty Series

Rear Mounting

Trunnion Mount

Clevis Mount

(not available with K2-K4-P-R)

Rod Anti-Rotation Device

Available as made-to-order. If the actuator rod end is free or connected to wire rope, an anti-rotation device for the rod is needed.

T Series, G Series, Ultra Heavy Duty Series

Three Phase Motor with Brake

For precise positioning, and rigid load holding.

T Series, G Series, Ultra Heavy Duty Series

Mounting Type and an End Fitting

Clevis or trunnion mount and I type end fitting are available for T series, G series, and Ultra Heavy Duty series. F series: Clevis mount only.


To be used in dusty areas when needed.

T Series, G Series, Ultra Heavy Duty Series, F Series

External Limit Switches

Optionally available for adjusting the stroke of the actuator

T Series, G Series, Ultra Heavy Duty Series, F Series

Press Loaded Stopping Device

For safety and thrust sensing. A combination of disk springs and limit switches is used to provide thrust sensing and press loaded stopping.

T Series LPTC type, G Series LPGC type, Battery Series


Power Cylinders