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AS-Series & AD-Series

Our Power-Lock solves your problems. Eliminate backlash damage to keyways heavy loads: the Tsubaki Power-Lock tightly without backlash around the shaft/hub and is not affected by load reversals.

End your high machining expenses for shaft keyways, splined shafts, threads, grooves and steps. The Tsubaki Power-Lock exacting, slip free location.

Erase the headaches of shrink and press fits. The Tsubaki Power-Lock simplifies installation and removal.

This easy-to-install unit slides into position and offers a keyless, shaft-hub lock that will simultaneously handle both high torque and thrust while increasing your shaft strength.

The Power-Lock is easy to assemble, with only one tool needed. It is ideal for locking in large or small sprockets, conveyor pulleys, gears and rollers.

Power Lock Power Lock

Features & Applications

High Durability Against Reversing or Impacting Loads

The Power-Lock connection is not affected by torsional load reversal or impact which damages the key and keyway connection. Tsubaki's Power-Lock fits tightly around the shaft/hub and is free of backlash.

Power Lock Power Lock

Easy and Precise Positioning

The Power-Lock offers 360 degree angular adjustment and is excellent for Indexing Tables, Cam Mechanisms, Gear Drives and Double Strand Conveyor Sprockets, Head Shaft Pulleys, Torque arm levers for power cylinders, large drive sprockets and gearing.

Thrust Capability

The Tsubaki Power-Lock can hold axial forces too. Typical applications with these forces include indexing tables, bevel gears, conveyor pulley drums, reclaimer drive sprockets, feeder breaker drive shafts and drive gearing.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

The Power-Lock can be assembled and disassembled frequently, so maintenance or replacement of worn parts is simple and easy as compared to other methods (key and keyway, spline, shrink or press fits, and welding).

Increased Shaft Strength

By using the Power-Lock, no metal needs to be removed from the shaft (such as the cutting of a keyway). The strength of the shaft can be kept at its original diameter. These effects are especially seen on hollowshaft applications.

Eliminates Costly Machining

There is no need for time-consuming machining of keyways. The Power-Lock offers substantial savings on long, heavy shafts.


  Power Lock Power Lock

Taper rings (A) and (B) fit perfectly with the tapered inner and outer rings. By tightening the locking bolts, taper rings (A) and (B) generate clamping pressures (P' and P) against the outer and inner rings to produce the frictional force to join the shaft and hub. A slit is provided on the circumference of the outer and inner rings to prevent reduction of the clamping force.

AS Series (Available in metric and inch sizes)

Power Lock
  1. Can be assembled and disassembled any number of times.
    There is no relative movement, and therefore no points where wear will occur, making maintenance simple.
  2. Available in metric and inch sizes.
  3. Available in stainless steel type.
  4. Available in zinc plated bolt type.

Applicable Shaft Size: 19 to 500mm

AD Series

Power Lock
  1. Same inner and outer diameters as the AS Series.
  2. Large capacity locking device that has approximately twice the locking power of the AS-Series.
  3. Centering Function
    The AD-Series has excellent coaxiality with the boss during installation.

Applicable Shaft Size: 45 to 300mm