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Rotary Breakers are large cylindrical tumblers that are used to break feed material into workable sizes. During rotation the material is lifted and dropped inside the structure, which causes the material to be broken into pieces. During the rotation, the smaller, softer broken pieces pass through the screen openings onto a conveyor belt below and are conveyed to the next stage of processing. The harder rock and uncrushable materials are discharged from the end of the cylinder with the aid of a discharge plough and other methods.

To facilitate the rotation of these large machines, Tsubaki offers their Heavy Duty Drive Chain. Specifically designed for use in oil rigs, power shovels hoists and other heavy duty construction equipment, Heavy Duty Drive Chain is perfectly suited for rotary breakers and other heavy duty applications.

Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chain

Keep Your Operation Moving with Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chain

Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chain is designed to exceed the listed ultimate strength ratings. These ratings are very significant. Chains with greater ultimate strength have higher actual yield and greater fatigue strength. With Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chain, you get extra reserve strength to withstand high shock loads.

Precision Manufacturing Means Greater Fatigue Strength

Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chain is built to withstand the most rugged conditions. We use the latest manufacturing and heat-treatment techniques to manufacture every component. Each component is carefully machined to close tolerances to ensure precise pitch control for smooth sprocket/chain interaction. That means longer service life for chain and sprockets.

Add the Power of Alloy

When parts require extra hardness, we use alloy steel to make the components. This provides more uniform core strength, which is particularly important for heavy duty applications. Every Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chain with an ultimate strength rating higher than 50802.35kg (112,000 pounds) is made entirely of alloy steel. All Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chains are furnished with alloy steel pins.

Reduced Maintenance Costs and Downtime

Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chain stands up to the toughest environments for hour after hour of uninterrupted service.

  • Optimum strength
  • Fatigue resistant
  • Pre-tested
  • Alloy steel parts
  • Press fit construction
  • Accurate pitch control

Heavy Duty Drive Chain is produced by U.S. Tsubaki.

Your equipment is on the line. Count on Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chain.

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