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Shuttle Car

Power and Performance for the Mining Industry

Shuttle cars are the workhorses of the underground mining system, transferring coal from the development face to the transport conveyors.

These machines load and unload hundreds of tons of coal per shift and operate around the clock in the harshest of environments. Critical to the output of the mining operations, operators demand the most of the equipment and components, and Tsubaki has been a proven partner for decades and continues to lead the way in product materials and service.

Shuttle Car Shuttle Car Shuttle Car

Tsubaki Shuttle Car Chain

Increase Your Shuttle Car's Dependability with Tsubaki's Rugged Shuttle Car Chain

Shuttle Car Chain

As the world's leading manufacturer of rugged chains designed exclusively for the mining industry, Tsubaki manufactures the traditional 3.075˝ pitch and the latest and most common 4.100˝ pitch Super Shuttle Car Chain for use on new or existing shuttle cars. Tsubaki Shuttle Car Chain will provide two major benefits to your mining operations: Reduced maintenance costs and safer machine service.

Designed for the Optimum Wear Life

Shuttle Car

The two key design features of the Shuttle Car Chain are: all steel construction of specially selected materials and heat treatment for optimum wear life. This specially designed product provides you with increased values, savings, and performance for your Shuttle Car applications. For more details please contact your local Tsubaki representative.

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