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Although Tsubaki was born and built through innovations in chain technology and development almost 100 years ago, chain is definitely not our only world class product. To facilitate and support our many lines of high class and highly reliable chains, we at Tsubaki have gone the extra mile to independently design and manufacture our own line of top-grade carbon steel, alloy, and stainless steel sprockets for use with our chains in a wide variety of industries, including mining.

Also, as safety on the work site is of the highest priority to Tsubaki, we have developed our revolutionary series of Cam Clutches, Back Stops and Power Lock devices. Utilized in various applications and industries, the highly refined construction of these unassuming devices provides safety on the job site. Cam Clutches and Back Stops allow freewheeling or overrunning in one direction, and driving or backstopping in the other, protecting both your equipment and employees, while Power Locks eliminate backlash damage to keyways from heavy loads.

Furthermore, for applications where linear motion is required, such as flop gates, opening and closing of roofs and doors, etc., Tsubaki is proud to provide their full line-up of compact and self-contained power cylinders. Utilized in industries such as mining, power stations, ports, and so on, these extremely study units may even be operated from remote locations, further increasing the safety and efficiency of your site.

Lastly, for quick inspection of your lines, Tsubaki offers the easily installed One-Touch Inspection Door. With one simple touch you can quickly inspect your lines and then get on with the rest of your operation.

Specialty mining products

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