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Underground Mining

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Underground Mining

When desired material deposits are located at levels too deep or too expensive for surface mining techniques, the job must go underground. The desired material is extracted either via blasting or specially designed machines such as long wall miners and continuous miners. The material is then transported to the surface for further processing via various means including conveyors. Prior to being transported to the surface the material can be handled via shuttle cars and bridge conveyors, and sized via feeder breakers.

In this extreme environment shock loads are high and chain and/or sprocket failures can take hours to fix. Thus, efficient and reliable extraction can make the difference between profits and losses. You need to get in and out as quickly as possible, which means maximum performance from every piece of equipment on your site.

For these harsh applications Tsubaki offers their specially designed shuttle car chains, heavy duty chains, and chains for continuous miners.

Continuous Miner Shuttle Car Roof Driller