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Lift masters are playing active roles in various applications. Here you'll find actual examples of use and the benefits of adopting Lift Masters.

Single Lift Master operation

These are examples of applications using a single Lift Master.

Cooker lid opener- Single Lift Master operation -

Device for lifting the lid of a cooker. The arm that suspends the lid is a mechanism that can manually rotate.

Reason for adoption
  • Cantilever types are easier to install and operate than lifting types.
  • And because Lift Masters are electrical, they operate cleanly with no worry of oil leakage. Maintenance and inspection is easy.

Cooker lid opener illustration

Coil conveyor - Single Lift Master operation -

The Lift Master is mounted on a cart that conveys the coil to the rolling mill. The cart moves the Lift Master unit laterally.

Reason for adoption
  • The Lift Master itself can be moved because it's electrical and its simple structure requires no pipes.
  • Its slim shape and small installation footprint make the whole equipment more compact.

Coil conveyor illustration

Broaching machine peripheral equipment - Single Lift Master operation -

In order to supply the work, the cart on which the work is stacked is lifted to the height of the work table.

Reason for adoption
  • Because Lift Masters save space, they can eliminate height differences when supplying work without taking space.
  • They provide easy installation with no need for pits and pipes, which reduces installation man-hours.

Broaching machine peripheral equipment illustration

Conveying automotive frames - Single Lift Master operation -

Used for roller conveyor lifters prior to the process of welding individual frames for the body.

Reason for adoption
  • Lift Master, which is an all-in-one unit consisting of a guide part and an operating part, is a simply structured piece of equipment that helps you save space.
  • As the lift device is easy to install, it makes short construction times for equipment possible.

Conveying automotive frames illustration

Conveying automotive parts - Single Lift Master operation -

Used for lifting when transferring processed automotive parts from roller conveyors to an AGV.

Reason for adoption
  • Lift Master is an integrated single-post piece of equipment, that is a simply constructed cantilever lifter.
  • The shelf height of the equipment can be used effectively since installation from the floor allows for minimum ground clearance.

Automotive parts mounting - Single Lift Master operation -

Used for devices that mount rear suspensions, tires, etc. to automobile bodies by lifting and revolvin

Reason for adoption
  • Conventionally jib cranes had been used because motors were attached to the upper part, requiring aerial maintenance. With Lift Master, the work is easier as it has the motor on the lower side.
  • Lift Master incorporates the guide part, making the structure simple and easy to install.

Wall mounting design - Single Lift Master operation -

Wall mounting design is available when the Lift Master cannot be installed on the floor.

Reason for adoption
  • Space saving through effective use of a strong device frame
  • Cantilever requires less installation area and enables space saving

Kettle lid lifter of stirring device - Single Lift Master operation -

Raise and lower lid of container filled with material

Reason for adoption
  • Conventionally a hand lift had been used, but now this action is automated with a motor
  • A lifting unit was considered by the company. However, the installation was time consuming and troublesome. Then, the company decided to use Lift Master.

Lifting the filling tank - Single Lift Master operation -

Lifts filling machine to match the size of the containers.

Reason for adoption
  • Previously lifted by air cylinders for filling. Control was difficult and stopping accuracy was not good.
  • Cantilever lift makes the device simple

Multi-Lift Master operation

Here are some examples using multiple Lift Masters.

Applicator - Multi-Lift Master operation -

A reducer assembled into the Lift Master inverts the lid, after which it lowers the lid into order to seal the chamber.

Reason for adoption
  • Operating multiple Lift Masters makes it possible to lift the work, which is wide and heavy.
  • Using an arm with an inverter mechanism allows lifting and inverter operations to be simply combined.

Applicator illustration

Automobile conveyor - Multi-Lift Master operation -

A combination of two Lift Masters running in parallel in the automobile assembly process move the vehicle up and down and back and forth to the position best suited for work.

Reason for adoption
  • The Lift Master is easy to install, it can be mounted on a cart, and it is easy to operate them in combination.
  • It can operate at high speeds and high frequencies, and can adapt to automobile production takt.

Automobile conveyor illuatration

Train carriage lifting equipment - Multi-Lift Master operation -

Four Lift Masters lift the carriage during inspections.

Reason for adoption
  • Lifting the carriages is inefficient and requires qualified personnel to operate the lifter for safety, but the Lift Master is easy to operate and can realize a safe working environment.
  • MTO Lift Masters that match your operating conditions are available, even for heavy objects such as train carriages.

Train carriage lifting equipment illustration

Assembly of automotive frame - Multi-Lift Master operation -

Lifts and traverses when transferring the white chassis

Reason for adoption
  • Using four Lift Masters operating together, a simple device for work with a large overhang can me made.
  • With the Lift Master, the bearing portion can be easily tailored to meet the expected life of the customers' equipment.

Synchronized-type Line Shaft - Multi-Lift Master operation -

All parts proposed with Tsubaki products

Reason for adoption
  • Synchronized operation is possible by connecting Lift Master with Tsubaki Echt-Flex Coupling and Miter Gear Box.
  • Long life with high speed operation (speed 500mm/s) and long cycle time.

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