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Here you'll find examples of Lift Master MTO products. Please feel free to contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.

Examples of MTO Lift Masters

Wall mounted specs

Wall mounted specs illustration

Wall mounted specs are also available when the Lift Master cannot be installed on the floor. Enables more compact designs by effectively using the sides of equipment's robust frame.

Drop prevention specs

Drop prevention specs illustration

A special drop prevention pin on the Lift Master prevents the work from dropping.

Swivel shaft specs

Swivel shaft specs illustration

A manual swiveling mechanism is installed where the work is mounted.

Low profile specs

Low profile specs illustration

Low profile specs allow installation even in spaces where standard Lift Masters could not be installed.

High speed specs

High speed specs illustration

High speed specs with a max. speed of 500mm/s. Be sure to provide the motor with a servo motor. (Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.) A general-purpose motor can be used with high speed specs with a max. speed of 300mm/sec by using inverter control.

Dust and drip preventive specs

Dust and drip preventive specs illustration

A Lift Master with dust and drip preventive functions. Available for environments where there is machining oil and coolant spatter. *Not for outdoor use.

Horizontal conveyance

Horizontal conveyance illustration

Lift Masters for horizontal conveyance are also available.

High rigidity specs

High rigidity specs illustration

Specifications with reinforced main pillars are also available for problems due to vibration when lifting or sag when stopping.

Synchronized line shaft specs

Synchronized line shaft specs illustration

Synchronized operation is possible by connecting a Lift Master with Tsubaki Echt-Flex Coupling and Miter Gear Box. Tsubaki offer gear motors and other systems that match your usage conditions.

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