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1,000kg Zip Chain Lifter®

A Zip Chain Lifter with an allowable lifting weight of 1,000kg.

The allowable lifting weight of 1,000kg type is standardized.

1,000kg Zip Chain Lifter

List of specifications

Model number Weight of 1,000kg
ZSL1000S10G1 ZSL1000L10G1
Allowable lifting weight (kg) 1,000kg
Nominal speed (m/min) 5.5 11
Nominal stroke (mm) 1,000
Height with chain housed (mm) 420
Table size (mm) 1,100 x 1,800
Motor Three-phase/four-pole high efficiency motor with non-excitation type brake
Output (kW) 2.2kW 3.7kW
Power supply voltage AC200V class *1
Lubrication Grease on chain section (No.2)
Coating Acrylic lacquer-based, grey (Munsell N5)
Ambient conditions Environment Indoor environment with no corrosive gas, debris, etc. present.
Ambient temperature 0 to 40°C (no freezing)
Relative humidity 85%RH (no condensation)
Shock resistance value Less than 1G
Maintenance bar Options

※1 AC400V class also available. Contact a Tsubaki representative.

Zip Chain Lifter Applications

Zip Chain Lifter Applications

Learn more about actual examples of use and points for adoption. We also have experience with push-and-pull and hanging applications. Contact a Tsubaki representative for more details.