Tsubaki Examples of Use by Industry and ApplicationProducts for disaster prevention

InfrastructureProducts for disaster prevention

Tsubaki products are playing active roles in the field of disaster prevention equipment to protect people's lives from tsunamis or floods.

Floodgate -- Large horizontal sliding gate

Floodgate -- Large horizontal sliding gate  Illustration

Gear Boxes

Miter Gear Boxes are used to drive manual shafts in case of power outages.

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Chain Couplings are used to connect motors and magnetic clutches/reducers.
Stainless steel couplings are also available to prevent salt damage in bay areas.

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Drive chains and Sprockets

Tsubaki drive chains and sprockets are used to drive the gate wheels.
NEP Series Surface Treated Roller Chains with superb corrosion resistance and chemical resistance are ideal in environments prone to rust.

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Cable Carriers

Uses TK Series Steel Cableveyor.
Stainless steel types with superb corrosion resistance are recommended for environments prone to rust.

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LiniPower® Jacks

Lini Power Jacks are used to lift wheels that fill the gap between the ground and floodgate. A stainless steel screw type is also available to prevent salt damage in bay areas.

Floodgate -- Small horizontal sliding gate

Floodgate -- Small horizontal sliding gate Illustration

Pin Gear Drive Unit (Floodgate/Movable weir series)/Hypoid Motors

We offer a series that is made of stainless steel (SUS304) and compatible with Japanese Dam & Water Equipment Engineering standards. It can be used as is with no troublesome strength calculations/confirmation.

Use Tsubaki's extensive line-up of Hypoid Motors for the drive section of the Pin Gear Drive Unit.

Floodgate -- Roller gate (Stopping hook)

Floodgate -- Roller gate Illustration

LiniPower® Jacks/Power Cylinders

Lini Power Jacks and Power Cylinders are used for hanging stopping hooks to prevent a gate from falling. Lini Power Jacks can be also manufactured with stainless steel screws.

Water cut-off equipment

Water cut-off equipment Illustration
地下鉄入口のWater cut-off equipmentイメージ

Power Cylinders

Compared to hydraulic/water pressure cylinders, Power Cylinders can easily provide stable thrust/speed. Furthermore, the telescopic cylinder enables space savings.

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Zip Chain Actuator®

Compared to hydro-pneumatic/electric cylinders, Zip Chain Actuators offer great space savings and enable interlocked operation. Hydraulic units or other devices are not required as Zip Chain Actuators are electrically powered.

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Gear Motors

Tsubaki offers an extensive line-up of gear motors. You can select capacity/reduction ratio optimal for the drive, and water-resistant motors with a brake.

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Echt-Flex® Couplings

Long Spacer Type Disc Couplings, which don't need intermediate shaft bearings, and its spacer parts can be used in floating conditions. We recommend interlocking them with Power Cylinders. Electroless nickel plated/stainless steel types are also available.

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