Mining IndustryTsubaki Examples of Use by Industry and Application

Mining IndustryUnderground Mining

When desired material deposits are located at levels too deep or too expensive for surface mining techniques, the job go underground.

Shuttle Cars

Shuttle cars are the workhorses of the underground mining system, transferring coal from the development face to the transport conveyors.

Shuttle Cars Illustration

Shuttle Hawk

Tsubaki Shuttle Car Chain will provide two major benefits to your mining operations: Reduced maintenance costs and safer machine service.

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Face and Roof Drillers

Face and roof drillers are the first machines into newly opened areas to shore up the roof and walls to make it safe.

Face and Roof Drillers Illustration

Face and Roof Drilling

Tsubaki chains are specified by major OEMs and replacement parts specialists for performance and reliability, which makes your choice even easier.

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Neptune® Chain

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Continuous Miners

Continuous miners are large machines that work directly on the coal face, scraping material from the wall/ceiling with giant teeth set on rotating steel drums.

Continuous Miners Illustration

Iron Hawk Chain

Tsubaki proudly introduces Iron Hawk Chain to our distinguished mining portfolio.

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