Our products incorporating Tsubaki technology play an important role in multiple processes on noodle production lines as well.

Noodle Making
Fryer / Dryer

To make fried noodles, steamed noodles are fed in chop-off dies one serving at a time and deep fried in oil. Here you'll find Tsubaki Double Pitch Chains as well LiniPower Jacks to open and close the lid during equipment wash-downs, couplings, and Miter Gear Boxes being used. To make non-fried noodles, the noodles are not deep fried in oil but rather dried by hot air.


Jack Systems

Mechanically synchronized, accurate, and stable lifting equipment can be created by interlocking multiple jacks in an arrangement suited to the size of the lifter and the nature of the load. Tsubaki also offers a complete line-up of drive parts to select a jack system including gear boxes, couplings, and drive sections in addition to LiniPower Jacks.
*We can also provide estimation drawings and layout charts.

*To apply for our Jack System Selection Service, your registration for “TSUBAKI Power Transmission Products Information Site” is required.

Jack Systems fig.

Shaft Coupling picture

Shaft Coupling

Miter Gear Box picture

Miter Gear Box

Lini Power Jack picture

LiniPower Jack®

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Chains with Special Attachments (integrated attachments)

Special attachments can be attached to match the variety of jigs that are attached to the chain. This reduces installation and replacement man-hours.

Chains with Special Attachments picture

With stay pins

Press nut attachment picture

Press nut attachment

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Lube-Free Small Size Conveyor Chains

Lube-free Lambda Chains are widely used to counter the high temperatures and corrosion resulting from washing.

Dryer image

KF Series Lambda Chain

KF Series Lambda Chain uses an oil-impregnated bush that withstands volatility and degradation even in normal to high temperature environments (especially from 150 to 230°C).
This chain provides long life even in environments where additional lubrication is impossible. The special oil impregnated bushes use NSF-H1 certified oil for food conveyance.

Stainless Steel Lambda Chain

Special stainless steel chains are also available to prevent rusting on chain plates due to moisture generated from noodles in the drying process.

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Introducing the Shock Monitor Power Monitoring Protector

Shock Monitor is an overload protection device that can output relay at a set load rate.

Tsubaki's Shock Monitor, a power monitoring electrical overload protector, can detect even a subtle load change caused by lack of chain lubrication, which can alert you to insufficient lubrication and lubrication timing.

Basic Type

Basic Type picture

Economical Type

Economical Type picture