Our products incorporating Tsubaki technology play an important role in multiple processes on noodle production lines as well.

Noodle Making
Mixer and Roller

Dough is made using a machine called a mixer that stirs wheat flour, water, salt, and other ingredients. A roller is used in the process that spreads this dough into a thin sheet. The dough is spread gradually to make springy noodles.

Heavy Duty Drive Chains and Sprockets

Heavy Duty Drive Chains enable downsizing thanks to a higher allowable load than standard roller chains, and realize more compact equipment even in narrow spaces.

We also offer a line-up of Tough Tooth Sprockets optimal for use with Heavy Duty Chains.

Minimum tensile strength and maximum allowable load, with RS Roller Chain as our benchmark at 100%

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Tsubaki's reducers are used to drive mixers and rollers as our reducers can satisfy a wide range of needs.

Small Size Gear Motor

Various gear motors are used in the drive of the roller that spreads noodles in a thin sheet.

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