Our products incorporating Tsubaki technology play an important role in multiple processes on noodle production lines as well.

Noodle Making
Mixer and Roller

Dough is made using a machine called a mixer that stirs wheat flour, water, salt, and other ingredients. A roller is used in the process that spreads this dough into a thin sheet. The dough is spread gradually to make springy noodles.


Tsubaki's reducers are used to drive mixers and rollers as our reducers can satisfy a wide range of needs.

SMR Series Helical Shaft Mounted Reducer -- Mixer --

Our parallel shaft reducer can be installed in equipment with limited space thanks to its industry leading compact design.

As the reducer output shaft is mounted directly on the driven shaft, there is no need for centering, significantly reducing mounting time. Can be installed by simply fixing the tie rod.

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Small Size Gear Motor

Various gear motors are used in the drive of the roller that spreads noodles in a thin sheet.

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