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NFV Flightveyor

The Tsubaki NFV Flightveyor can transport general powder and grain, hard to convey material, and highly adhesive material with no problem. It can accommodate a wide variety of layouts and is tough yet easy to use. Tsubaki Flightveyors are finding use in more applications than ever.

Conveying Powder and Grain --Tsubaki NFV Flightveyor


Structure and Principle of Conveyance
Two strands of chain with flights attached run inside a sealed case in the horizontal area, while a bucket elevator operates in the vertical area, to reliably convey goods.
NFV Flightveyor Structure
Freedom of Layout
Layouts can be designed freely, such as horizontal (inclined), horizontal + vertical (inclined), or horizontal + vertical (inclined) + horizontal.
Flexibility in Feed and Discharge
Feed and discharge ports can be installed in several locations along the horizontal area.
Compact and Economical
The conveying cross-section is small, and conveyed material is fed and discharged in the horizontal area, to allow for extremely compact equipment (even indoors) and easy installation.
Uses the Ideal Conveyor Chain
A conveyor chain is an integral part of a conveyor. Tsubaki uses its long history of success to provide the ideal chain for Flightveyors.
Easy Inspection and Maintenance
One-Touch Inspection Doors are installed at strategic spots, and each case is able to be split, to make inspection and maintenance a snap.
Protects against Dust and Wear
The entire conveyor is tightly sealed, so there is no damage from flying material or messes from escaping dust. It can be installed as-is outside as well.

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