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Plastic Series Cableveyor® -- Long Span Type with Glide Shoes

Glide shoes specially designed long span use.

  • Installation of glide shoes contributes to longer service life and power savings.
  • Contributes to overall reduced costs due to lower running costs.
Plastic Series Cableveyor -- Long Span Type with Glide Shoes

Glide shoes for long strokes are available for the following models:

Model Open type Closed type
TKP・TKC TKP58H39, 68H46, 91H56/H80 TKC91H56/H80
TKM TKMK47H28, 65H42, 95H58, 125H72 TKMT47H26, 65H38, 95H54, 125H68
*Aluminum cover type unavailable

Feature 1. Longer Service Life

Uses plastic with superior sliding and wear resistance for the glide shoes, which extends service life through increasing wear resistance on the inner link and wear allowance (thickness of the glide shoes).

Comparison of wear conditions

After 130,000 cycles

Without glide shoe -- wear progressing

Without glide shoe

With glide shoe -- slight wear

With glide shoe

Comparison of cable carrier wear life

Comparison of cable carrier wear life
*In-house test results Model Wear limits of inner link
With glide shoe Without glide shoe
TKP58H39/TKP68H46 5mm 1.5mm

Feature 2. Power Savings

Reduces cable carrier running resistance and contributes to power savings for machine drives thanks to the superb slidability of the glide shoes.

Power Savings

This is a representative value, not a guaranteed value.

Feature 3. Reduced Running Costs

When glide shoes reach the end of their service (wear) life, the cable carrier can continue to be used simply by replacing the glide shoes (assuming there is no damage to the cable carrier itself).
This reduces the amount of replacement parts and labor cost dramatically compared to cable carriers without glide shoes.