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TKQT Series (QuickTrax®)

Has a simple structure that integrates stays with links.

  • Hinged stays can be quickly/easily opened.
  • Enables high strength/high rigidity thanks to the locking structure between links.
  • Its damping system provides quiet operation.
  • Realizes high torsional rigidity.
TKQT Series

1. Structures and Features


Integrates stays with links using two-shot injection molding.

Its inner shape enables excellent protection of cables and hoses.

Its damping system provides quiet operation.

Easy-to-open stays

Two types with outside openable stays/inside openable stays are available.

Can attach dividers and height separations.

For the cable carrier, stays and links made of different materials are integrated through two-shot injection molding.

Plastic bracket with strain relief comb

fig.1 fig.2 fig.3 fig.4
Stays can be opened quickly/easily. Stopper structure makes it more difficult for links to separate. Can attach dividers.

Integrates stays with links through two-shot injection molding.

QuickTrax is a series that integrates two components through two-shot inection molding. Hinged stays offer excellent flexibility/fatigue and are quick and easy to open, and links provide high strength/rigidity. This series enables superior installability of cables/hoses.


Stays can be opened quickly by hand -- no tools required.

You can quickly open stays even without tools, or by using a flathead screwdriver. In addition, stays never drop out as they are integrated with links.


Tightly connects links thanks to the locking structure between links.

Links are tightly connected each other on unsupported and bending areas, which helps maintain high strength/rigidity even in horizontal installations.


More information

More information can be found on the Tsubaki Kabelschlepp GmbH website.