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TKR Series

Low debris generation with Tsubaki unique bending mechanism.

Renew to the bending mechanism utilizing plastic deflection from old link structure.

> Installing support rollers

TKR series


  • Low noise (40dB (A)) and ISO Class 3.
  • Can be cut and connected.
  • We added a new model with inner width (W) 87mm to TKR26H40, and TKR28H52 on October 1, 2016.
  • Expanded line-up: We added TKR37H28 (lightweight specification) on October 1, 2017.

TKR37H28 Lightweight specification

Lightest amongst products of similar sizes.

We achieved a 25% weight reduction without loss of strength by changing the cable carrier pitch and shape.

Model TKR37H28 TKR20H28 Similar competitor model Similar competitor lightweight spec
Mass 75% 100% 106% 82%
Longer service life and high rigidity
  • 1. An improved bending structure reduces bending stress 30% and increases service life.
  • 2. An improved stopper structure makes it more difficult for links to separate and increases durability when maintaining unsupported travel.

Better cable/hose protection

Improved inner surface shape that is gentler on cables.