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  • Plastic Series

TKXC Series (XL Series)

Offers the highest inner link height of all series. Aluminum stays can be set in 1mm increments.

Uses highly rigid steel brackets and offers a variety of divider systems.

  • Large sizes
  • Weight-optimized structure
TKXC Series

1. Structures and Features

Structures and Features

Uses highly rigid steel brackets

Can be quickly opened on the inside/outside for installation of cables/hoses.

Stays are attached to links with bolts

Aluminum stays can be set in 1mm increments (between minimum and maximum widths)

Aluminum covers can also be set in 1mm increments (between minimum and maximum widths). *Closed types only.

Users can select separation options depending on the cable housing method.

Replaceable glide shoes.

Clamp rails can be attached.

Structure1 Structure2 Structure3 Structure4
Offers stable operation even at maximum width because stays are attached to the links with bolts. Realizes long life in gliding specifications thanks to its replaceable glide shoes. Uses highly rigid steel brackets (various divider systems are possible). Various divider systems are possible.

2. Stay specifications and installation

■ Stay specifications
M specification: Solid type with the highest rigidity.
Can accommodate cable carriers with maximum widths.
■ Stay installation position
Standard specification: Installed every 2 links.
Fully-stayed specifications are also available. Please specify when ordering.
Stay installation

Other stay specifications

■ Aluminum LG specification
Provides optimal cable guidance and support
LG specification
■ MR specification
Protects cables through roller rotation. Optimal for supporting and guiding hoses with soft sheaths.
MR specification

More information

More information can be found on the Tsubaki Kabelschlepp GmbH website.