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TKLS Series

Demonstrates superior dynamic performance made possible through weight reductions.

Available for long-stroke applications if cable/hose mass is relatively small.

*Installation of center pins or fully-stayed configurations are necessary under the following conditions.

  • The length of the cable carrier exceeds 4m.
  • The inner width of the cable carrier exceeds 400mm.
  • Travel speed exceeds 2.5m/s.
  • Uses support rollers.
TKLS Series

1. List of models

Model Inner height Inner width Bending radius
TKLS105 58* 100~600* 105, 125, 155, 195, 260, 295, 325, 365, 430

*Differs depending on the stay specification.

2. Structures and Features

Structures and Features

A wide variety of brackets available.

Optimized inner/outer width

Weight-optimized link plate (special surface treated steel) *Stainless steel type also available.

Available in 1mm widths (between minimum and maximum value).

Plastic or steel dividers.

Various divider systems are possible.

Center pins for high load
applications (optional)

Clamp rails can be attached
to end brackets.

Each side of the cable carriers is made of just one link plate.
No need to connect two link plates like before.

[Design specifications]
The LS Series features a lightweight design and high rigidity thanks to its optimized shape. The allowable unsupported length has been dramatically extended compared to other similarly sized plastic series.
Structure fig.1 Structure fig.2 Structure fig.3 Structure fig.4
Each side is composed of one weight-optimized link plate. No bolts are needed to connect link plates. The link plate is made of a special surface treated steel (stainless steel types are also available). Center pins and retaining rings for high load applications (optional) Clamp rails can be attached to end brackets (optional).

3. Stay specifications

Stay specifications SB Stay specifications V Stay specifications RR Stay specifications LG
Attached to link plates with bolts High strength type Cylindrical type Aluminum split stay
Stay specifications fig.1 Stay specifications fig.2 Stay specifications fig.3 Stay specifications fig.4