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Freestanding flat cable system with Tsubaki cable carrier technology.

Integrating support member allows longer travel length than flat cables.

We offer by assembling suitable cables and tubes for operating conditions.


Tsubaki Flatveyor provides solutions to your problems!

Can I use just a flat cable instead of a cable carrier?

I need a longer travel stroke and greater speeds!

I need help with debris and noise.


1. Features

Usable with long strokes.

Maximum travel stroke is up to 2.8m thanks to its internal support members. *1

Flat cable (competitor)

Flat cable

Flatveyor (Tsubaki)

Flatveyor (Tsubaki)
Minimizes bounce

Support members on both sides minimize bulge of cables and tubes at bending and bouncing.

Flat cable (competitor)

Flat cable

Flatveyor (Tsubaki)

Low debris generation
Achieved ISO class 2 based on test results by Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Germany.
Low noise
Reduce noise by sound insulation effect by tubes for support member and a unique short pitch structure of support member.
Variety of cables/tubes available
Lineup flexible and durable cables/hoses for continuous operation. Deliver with assembling cables/tubes. *2
Lightweight / Space-saving
Enables simple and lightweight construction. Uses the same shape as flat cables to save on installation space. Can even be installed in equipment with no relays.
  • 1. Depending on operating conditions.
  • 2. Depending on cable/tube specifications and conditions.

2. Structures


Sample cross-sectional view of Flatveyor

Sample cross-sectional view of Flatveyor