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BR-HT Series

BR-HT Cam Clutch is High Torque version of existing BR series.

BR-HT is mainly used in backstop application for the inner race high-speed overrunning.

Prevention of reverse rotation for inclined conveyor and bucket elevator are typical application examples.

BR-HT Series

Details of BR-HT Torque Limiter and Tension Release model

1. Features

Greatly Increased Service Life
Made possible by TSUBAKI's extensive experience in mechanical powertransmission, the cam used in BR-HT Cam Clutch offers a unique cross section that provides positive mechanical engagement only when needed.
Otherwise, the Cam Clutch rotates freely with absolutely no mechanical contact in the clutch mechanism. The result is a greatly increased service life compared to conventional types.
Lift Off Type
BR-HT assures not only the immediate backstop function under the high torque, but also the long service life by the "Lift-Off" design. In addition installation on the high speed shaft with low torque enables selection of more compact models with resulting lower cost.
A more economical design
BR-HT series features a simple design in which the Cam Clutch mechanism is incorporated in a cage between standard dimension inner and outer bearing races. This allows the Cam Clutch to be easily and economically integrated into a wide variety of mechanical systems.

BR-HT Series Features & Structure Movie

2. Structure of BR-HT Series

Structure of BR-HT Series

3. Backstop applications for high-speed overrunning

Fig.1: Inner race only turning

figure 1

When the Cam Clutch is stationary, the cam locks the inner and outer races together. When the inner race (load side) overruns at a high speed, the cam disengages by releasing from the inner race (fig.1).

Fig.2: Inner and outer race locked and turning

figure 2

When the inner race stops, the cam rotates back into an engaged position. If the inner race tries to rotate in the reverse direction, the cams then serve as prop between the anchored outer race and inner race to prevent the reverse rotation and provide backstopping.

4. Model Numbering Example

  1. (1) Model: HT = High Torque
  2. (2) Size and Length of cam: A, B, C, D type WA/WB/WC/WD (W = Double cam cage) type
  3. (3) Bore size: mm