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  • Cam Clutch

BR & BR-P Series

This Cam Clutch is used for high-speed overrunning applications.

Longer service life can be expected as the cams do not contact the inner and outer races during high-speed rotating operations.


Torque Range (N·m{kgf·m})
306{31} to 62034{6330}
BR and BR-P Series


  • Used in high-speed rotation, low-speed engagement, and backstop applications
  • The BR type is a motor shaft-mounted type
  • The BR-P type has a bearing built in and can be used as is

2.Structure BR (Open Type)

Structure  BR (Open Type)

When ordering, specify the inner race engagement rotation direction viewed from the arrow direction.

  • RH: Right-hand engagement
  • LH: Left-hand engagement

3.Structure BR-P (Package Type)

Structure  BR-P (Package Type)

4.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example