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BS & BS-HS Series

Exclusively used in backstop applications for conveyors

The BS-HS Series offers significantly increased maximum overrunning speed (low speed) and allowable torque

Sales of BS-HS series is discontinued at the end of August, 2021.


Torque Range (N·m{kgf·m})
294{30} to 980000{100000}
BS & BS-HS Series


  • The BS Series uses a cam and roller structure
  • Shuts out fine dust with its superior dust-proof construction
  • High reliability through the use of specially developed cams
  • For sizes BS30 to BS135, the Cam Clutches are prelubricated with grease, eliminating the need for lubrication
  • Low-speed overrunning type to be mounted on the end rotating shafts of conveyors and pumps

BS-HS Series Features & Structure Movie

2.Structure - BS Series

BS Series Structure

Chamfer Dimension of Bore End Faces

Shaft Diameter Chamfer
Under 50 mm C1.5
50 to 125 mm C2.0
125 to 285 mm C3.0

3.Model Numbering Example

BS Series

Model Numbering Example