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SRD Series (Direct Type)

Economical model suitable for loads that have a flywheel effect, such as small power presses


Torque Range (N·m{kgf·m})
24.5{2.5} to 392{40}
SRD Series (Direct Type)


Superior Responsiveness
The mechanism provides outstanding responsiveness with a full cylindrical outer race inner face (drive side). The inner and outer races engage/disengage quickly when the lever is switched on or off.
Secure Engagement
There is no slippage with the wedge-shaped rollers engaging between the inner and outer races.
Position Stopping
The off (disengaged) position is always constant, so there are no cumulative stopping position errors.
Exceptional Durability
Long service life can be achieved as there are multiple rollers taking torque, less parts to wear between the components, and a high-precision finish.


  • The SRD Series is mainly constructed of the following parts: inner and outer races, rollers, a trip cam cage, and a coil spring. (For SRD15, a spring pin is attached instead of a machine screw.)
  • When ordering, please specify the inner race engagement rotation direction viewed from the arrow direction.
    • RH: Right-hand engagement
    • LH: Left-hand engagement

3.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example