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Chain Tensioner

Excessive chain sag can cause vibration and excessive noise, and prevent the chain from properly engaging the sprocket, which prevents the chain from operating smoothly.

Tsubaki Chain Tensioners adjust slackness in the chain to enable continuous and proper chain operation.

  • TCS Type (swing type with idler sprocket)
  • ETS Type (linear type with idler sprocket)
  • TA Type (linear type with plastic shoe)
  • TH Type (linear type with idler sprocket)

Chain Connecting Tool

Tsubaki offers Chain Pullers to pull the two ends of a chain together when installing it on a machine.

End Fixture

These fixtures attach to the ends of RS Roller Chains to create reliable hanging equipment.

They have the same or better strength than RS Roller Chain. Connected to a chain with the appropriate clearance, they fully demonstrate RS Roller Chain's capabilities.

Automatic Lubricator for Roller Chain

Switching on the gas generator generates H2 gas, the pressure of which pushes a piston, releasing lubricant from the bottom of the lubricator.

The amount of H2 gas generated can be easily controlled with an hex wrench, allowing users to adjust the amount of lube discharged for 1 - 12 months.

Chain Cutting Tool

These tools enable chain to be cut to the desired lengths.Tsubaki offers a wide selection of chain cradles, chain vises, punches, breakers, and other tools.

Chain Elongation Scale

Allows quick checks of pitch elongation limits. Use to check the amount of wear on RS/BS Roller Chains and Leaf Chain to determine when chain replacement is necessary.