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Chain Elongation Scale

Allows quick checks of pitch elongation limits.

Use to check the amount of wear on RS/BS Roller Chains and Leaf Chain to determine when chain replacement is necessary.

 Chain Elongation Scale

1.  Measurement procedure

Measurement procedure

2.  Safety Precautions

Always turn off the power switch to the equipment and confirm that it has come to a complete stop before checking chain elongation. In addition, make sure that the switch cannot be turned on accidentally.

  • ■ Depending on the attachment and chain size, there may be interference with the elongation scale with specialty attachment chains or K2 attachment chains.
  • ■ Check chain elongation at the location on the chain where the sprocket teeth engage the most.
  • ■ Check chain elongation at a location on the chain where there is tensile force.
  • ■ Do not use the scale for any purpose other than measuring chain elongation.

3.  Model No. (One case contains ten scales)

Model No.